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  • 12 March 2020
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Teresa Mummert ¼ 7 characters

characters Honor and Betray Honor Series 107 Read & Download Honor and Betray Honor Series Ould change everything With a horrible accident and the loss of another loved onetheir relationship hangs. First Sorry I m not sorrySecond I have added a new shelf just for this book attempted suspenseAnyway not to bore you with the particulars but this book is a huge mess The writing the grammar the spelling the text is riddled with clich s subjectverb issues plot inconsistencies SPOILER ALERT view spoilerHonor and Betray ends with one of the cheesiest last lines of a book EVER since Gabriel s Inferno I love you Emma Honor Now you are mine forever GAG This dude is a head case He s nuts Oh and he has amnesia Convenient much I don t know the other three books were so long ago I can barely remember them hide spoiler

Read & Download Honor and Betray Honor Series

Honor and Betray Honor Series

characters Honor and Betray Honor Series 107 Read & Download Honor and Betray Honor Series Honor series #4 There are two sides to every story William has learned how to love but his dark secrets c. 4 Stars Teacherstudent books I love them Just like in Honor and Obey this starts with the proposal and ends with accident For me reading from the male pov is so much better than the females especially with a male like William I know there are a lot of mixed feelings about William Honor but I love this guy He is not all good He is damaged and a bit crazy at times Trying to hide things about himself to protect Emma that s where he s at He can t lose her She is the only person he has truly loved He s afraid What will happen if she finds out all of his secrets Sooner or later this perfect world I had created would crumble and would expose me for the monster I truly was What would become of her love for me then Emma loves William William loves Emma as much as he is capable Their love is real but William is a bit obsessed with Emma He can t lose her He will do whatever he has to do to keep her protect her Even if it means keeping things from her She is his There are two sides to every storyI love this series and I really enjoyed this book Honor and Betray is esentially Honor and Obey from William s pov I knew that going in The only thing that disappointed me was that I was hoping to get of my uestions answered and a little insight into William s head I think it s an interesting concept to alternate the same story with different pov s If we got a little from William s pov and didn t have to wait so long for the books to be released that would be perfect I had a few theories view spoilerWilliam killing the aunt and William not really losing his memory hide spoiler

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characters Honor and Betray Honor Series 107 Read & Download Honor and Betray Honor Series By a stringAs secrets begin to unravel will William be able to hold on to Emmaor will he lose everything. PR I have my doubts for William I doubted all his actions in the third book and I want to see if he is honest or toying with usAR William is a confusing and I wanted to kick him I learnt how not to trust him and now I can t believe that he is not faking everything despite what his point of view might say I still think that he is faking The after accident William seems a better person than the one beforeI can t say that the book was worth the wait William s obsession with Emma became clearer and some details about some major stuff came up Than a man has his fingers in every pie One last thing I am hoping the 5th book will be better and I am worried about what might happen if Will finds his memory back