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  • Tables in the Wilderness
  • Preston Yancey
  • English
  • 02 October 2020
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characters Tables in the Wilderness Preston Yancey Ù 0 Download Read & Download ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ù Preston Yancey In Tables in the Wilderness Preston Yancey arrived at Baylor University in the autumn of 2008 with his life figured out he was Southern Baptist conservative had a beautiful girlfriend he would soon propose to had spent the summer living in southeast Asia as a missionary and planned to study political science Then God slowly allowed Preston’s secure world to fall apart until every piece of what he thought was true was lost his church his life of study his political leanings his girlfriend his best friend an O the sturm and drang of youth Especially of evangelical Christian youth Preston Yancey writes of the spiritual crisis of his college years at Baylor University which if I m counting correctly ended a mere three years ago Overzealousness and disappointment inflated and crushed egos rifts between friends and girls girls girls His is a pretty recognizable experienceIf you like the writing of Donald Miller or Rob Bell this is your kind of book The writing is a stream of consciousness style bouncing back and forth between past and present tense with strings of one word sentences and one sentence paragraphs every word imparted in a tone of hushed urgency Mr Yancey wants you to feel his experience than make sense of itWhat really characterizes a book like this to me is its emphasis on broad brush emotional scene setting in place of a strongly crafted narrative with forward momentum As much as I try to follow an author like this it always feels to me like a couple in a ballroom dance one partner doing whatever steps he wants the other scrambling to follow his whims instead of the dance steps they ve learned together I find it a frustrating experience Lead me and I will follow Do your own thing and I m apt to drift over to the side and look for another partnerBut readers uestioning the spiritual tradition in which they were raised and whether it fits their adult lives might be perfectly happy to be led down Mr Yancey s winding path He departs from the Southern Baptist tradition of his childhood and eventually lands in the Anglican church Along the way he tries out a number of mainstream denominations although it s best not to try to figure out which Early in his search he speaks of a seminal moment in a church one of the only churches in the area I could find with an Easter Vigil service in the later evening Characteristically he doesn t say what church that was I would have liked to know

characters Tables in the WildernessTables in the Wilderness

characters Tables in the Wilderness Preston Yancey Ù 0 Download Read & Download ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ù Preston Yancey Ars and father still devoted to Southern Baptist ministry who reads saints’ lives on the side He now shares his story of coming to terms with a God who is bigger than the one he thought he was worshiping the God of a common faith the God who makes tables in the wilderness the God who is found in cathedrals and in forests and in the Eucharist the God who speaks in fire and in wind the God who is bigger than narrow understandings of his will his desire his plan the God who is so big that everything must be h I hadn t heard of Preston Yancey before this book but I can now say that I ll be picking up any other books by him in the years to come Tables in the Wilderness is an honest authentic look at faith and how it can be a major part of our lives even when we can t feel or hear GodYancey shares from his own life experiences and it s these gut level honest glimpses into his heart as he seeks a God that he fears has abandon him that call out to the reader and give hope As Yancey struggles to makes some kind of sense out of what he s experiencing he learns beautiful lessons along the way that had me thinking long after I put the book down

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characters Tables in the Wilderness Preston Yancey Ù 0 Download Read & Download ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ù Preston Yancey D his God It was the loss of God in the midst of all the godly things that changed Preston forever One day he felt he heard God say “It’s going to be about trust with you” and then God was silent and he still hasn’t spoken At least not in the ways Preston used to think were the only ways God spoke No pillars of fire no clouds just a bit of whisper in wind Now Preston is a patchwork of Anglican spirituality and Baptist sensibility with a mother who has been in chronic neurological pain for thirteen ye During the time I was reading this book I kept saying I don t think I like the book I m reading To which my husband would respond Then why are you reading it Honestly I didn t know Perhaps I just wanted to see if it would get any better For most of the book Yancey sounded so arrogant that I was really put off by him In the end I just felt that he is still arrogant perhaps slightly less than during his college days but arrogant nonetheless He seems to be looking for attention andor pity I think it telling when his friend asks him why he is always talking about how broken he is when he s not really broken I just felt like screaming Get over yourself man As far as Yancey s writing it came off a bit pretentious to me It s as if he is trying so hard to be profound with his one word sentences and his one sentence paragraphs So I was not impressed at all Maybe someday I will make myself reread this book and I will see beyond the arrogance to find something meaningful Maybe but then again maybe not