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Reluctant but Taken

Summary Reluctant but Taken 108 review ¸ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ☆ Sarah Blitz Sarah Blitz ☆ 8 Summary How hot it is to imagine the fantasy of having your reluctance overcome by trickery persuasion or even force Forced seduction is some of the hottest erotica out there and these five stories are sure to pleaseWarning This ebook contains explicit descriptions of sex and includes reluctant group sex reluctant lesbian sex and reluctant first anal sex Only mature adults who won’t find that offensive should read this ebook1 The Very Personal Trainer A Rough Sex Bondage Erotica Story by Angela Ward April is a beautiful and sexy girl and she uses her body to her advantage with her clients She’s a hell of a personal trainer and a little flirting makes her job even lucrative and effective She’s about to discover that her ultra rich client Scott takes such teasing very very seriously and before she knows it she’s all tied up and at his mercy It’s a rough sex fantasy extravaganza2 The Doctor Wants My Backdoor A Rough First Anal Sex Erotica Story by Connie Hastings She couldn’t believe wh.

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Summary Reluctant but Taken 108 review ¸ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ☆ Sarah Blitz Sarah Blitz ☆ 8 Summary Families and with full benefits to make sure they land on their feet They don’t appreciate her consideration though Right there in her office the two layoffs are ready to make sure they get one last bonus from the company and that means Valerie will be tied up and used in a scorching double team sex encounter5 Nicole Doesn’t Get Any Sleep A Rough and Reluctant FFM Threesome Sex Erotica Story by Amy Dupont Nicole is supposed to be up at six in the morning but the neighbors are partying like normal even though it’s after midnight She’s finally had enough so she marches to the dorm room next to hers bangs hard on the door and shouts for the jerks to uiet down She’s surprised but pleased that they listen and she feels good when she gets back in bed This barely legal beauty is about to learn that she ought to make sure her door is locked if she’s going to confront the neighbors Oh well she’ll figure it out when she wakes up with hands all over her and a cock shoving into her mou.

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Summary Reluctant but Taken 108 review ¸ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ☆ Sarah Blitz Sarah Blitz ☆ 8 Summary At Dr Campbell was doing Sure she’d had a crush on him forever and she’s secretly dreamed of sleeping with him but who would ever have expected him to do this Before she knows it she’s bent over and he’s taking her tiny little virgin ass3 Doctor Doctor An MFM Threesome Sex Erotica Story by Nycole Folk Kira needs pain medication She’s run out of what was prescribed when she hurt her shoulder and she’s just going crazy Her shoulder doesn’t hurt any but she just can focus without the meds She decides it’s time to see if she can convince a doctor she’s still in pain Dr Callahan isn’t easily fooled though and Kira is about to discover that he’s got even better medicine for hera rough threesome with two men4 Tied Up and Double Teamed in My Office A Reluctant MFM Threesome Erotica Story by Sarah Blitz Valerie is unhappy about what she has to do but she has no choice The company wants five layoffs and she’s got them to agree to two She carefully picks the two men with no.

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