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    Summary Ü eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ☆ Rich Kienzle (EPUB) [The Grand Tour] Rich Kienzle ☆ 8 characters I know where I want to go but I always seem to end up goin' the other way I know there's nothin' down that way I been down there too many times George JonesI knew George Jones was cool decades before pseudo hipster millenials with pubic hair beards corduroys and beanies didJones was a relic of the rhinestone era who beat the rockers at their own bad boy game He was smashing guitars trashing hotel rooms provoking bar fights waywardly firin

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    (EPUB) [The Grand Tour] I grew up listening to tapes and records my parents would play of George Jones music along with hearing him on the radio I even have some of his songs in my own collection that I have played for my childrenI knew most of the colorful past of George Jones' and thought this book would uncover of the man behind the music All it seemed to do was brush over who he was personally and focus on his drug and alcohol addiction I did enjo

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    Read & Download The Grand Tour (EPUB) [The Grand Tour] Summary Ü eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ☆ Rich Kienzle I received an Advanced Reader Copy from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review As a huge traditional country music fan I am an admirer of George Jones' music and the many singers following in his footsteps I was very exc

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    (EPUB) [The Grand Tour] I’d guess that the most common word to pop up in George Jone’s biography is some form of the word “drink” Throughout the first

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    (EPUB) [The Grand Tour] Rich Kienzle ☆ 8 characters Summary Ü eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ☆ Rich Kienzle I enjoyed reading about the life of George Jones Many of the anecdotes about his wild life were entertaining but I found his biographer's crude and haphazard tangential writing style very distracting I felt as if

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    (EPUB) [The Grand Tour] Rich Kienzle ☆ 8 characters Summary Ü eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ☆ Rich Kienzle Country singer George Jones lived such a colorful and public life that several biographies about him have been written in the past few years I have three of those on my own bookshelves George Jones The Saga of an American Singer Bob A

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    (EPUB) [The Grand Tour] Summary Ü eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ☆ Rich Kienzle The author tries to bring the singer to readers with pop psychology to explain justify his bizarre behavior This attempt doesn't work

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    Summary Ü eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ☆ Rich Kienzle Rich Kienzle ☆ 8 characters Read & Download The Grand Tour George Possum Jones was perhaps the greatest country singer of all time He definitely did those heartbreak songs better than anyone google Th

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    Rich Kienzle ☆ 8 characters (EPUB) [The Grand Tour] I received this book as part of a Goodreads GiveawayI grew up hearing stories and tales about George Jones My father's best friend was a cousin of George's 1st cousin? and he passed along many tales of George's adventures growing up so I really looked forward to reading this biography I wasn't disappointed tucked into this book were the sto

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    (EPUB) [The Grand Tour] Read & Download The Grand Tour The Grand Tour The Life and Music of George Jones by Rich Kienzle HarperCollinDey Street Books March 2016 288 Pages 18771499 provides an excellent overview of the life and times of George Jones called by the New York Times the “def

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The Grand Tour

The Grand Tour characters È 108 Summary Ü eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ☆ Rich Kienzle Iculously sifted through archival material government records recollections by colleagues and admirers interviewing many involved in Jones’s life and career The result an evocative portrait of this enormously gifted tragically tormented icon called “the Keith Richards of country”Kienzle chronicles Jones’s impoverished East Texas childhood as the youngest son of a deeply religious mother and alcoholic often abusive father He examines his three troubled marriages including his union with superstar Tammy Wynette and looks unsparingly at Jones’s demons A. I d guess that the most common word to pop up in George Jone s biography is some form of the word drink Throughout the first 23 of the book Jones is a drinking fool So much of the story takes place with Jones in an inebriated state that you wonder what he d be like sober You get a glimpse of that in the end of the book but he s older and settled by the time that switch happens You get the basics you would expect in a country music biography here family background growing up early career marriages big concerts run ins with the law wrecked cars singing partners band members lists of songs and albums bizarre business ideas divorces come to Jesus moments and eventual decline And there s the drinkin I found these normal parts of the biography were well done although some parts of his life mostly his early years were minimally covered Likely there wasn t much material to pull from This book also had than average depth when discussing his deals with record companies and the backgrounds of those companies and their owners I found these areas interesting but a bit tangential to the biographyIn the end I feel I know about No Show Jones now than when I started But I didn t know anything before I started I didn t get the depth of analysis that for instance Johnny Cash received in his biography by Robert Hilburn I couldn t help but compare the Jones in this biography to Cash in the Hilburn book and Jerry Lee Lewis in the biography by Rick Bragg Cash and Lewis are reflective and come across as smart in many areas Jones doesn t seem as reflective and he doesn t come across as smart as much as methodically employing a talent in crooning and carousing

Summary Ü eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ☆ Rich Kienzle

The Grand Tour characters È 108 Summary Ü eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ☆ Rich Kienzle Lcohol and later cocaine nearly killed him until fourth wife Nancy helped him learn to love himself Kienzle also details Jones’s remarkable musical journey from singing in violent Texas honky tonks to Grand Ole Opry star hitmaker and master vocalist whose raw emotionally powerful delivery remains the Gold Standard for country singersThe George Jones of this heartfelt biography lived hard before finding contentment until he died at eighty one a story filled with whiskey women and drugs but always the saving grace of musicIllustrated with eight pages of photos. George Possum Jones was perhaps the greatest country singer of all time He definitely did those heartbreak songs better than anyone google The Grand Tour or He Stopped Loving Her Today and listen to those if you don t know his work Every now and then I love to listen to old school my heart has been ripped out and stomped on by a no good woman melancholy country song and when I doJones is always a good option He was an amazing singer but away from the microphone Not as amazing Multiple marriages one to the eually brilliant country singer Tammy Wynette kids decades of alcoholism cocaine addiction bankruptcy crazy on stage antics No Show was a nickname for the amount of time Jones wouldn t show up for gigs It s actually hard to believe he lived to be 81 years old after reading about the ways he abused himself But he had 50 years of hits and is firmly ensconced as one of the all time legends The reason this gets 3 stars instead of 4 is that too often it is just a discography recital Kienzle spends too much time listing every single and its chart position More intimate stories about Jones or some of the characters he worked with or new would have worked way better than an endless recap of his songs

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The Grand Tour characters È 108 Summary Ü eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ☆ Rich Kienzle In the vein of the classic Johnny Cash The Life this groundbreaking work explores the wild life and extraordinary musical career of “the definitive country singer of the last half century” New York Times who influenced among others Bob Dylan Buck Owens Emmylou Harris John Fogerty George Strait Alan Jackson and Garth BrooksIn a masterful biography laden with new revelations veteran country music journalisthistorian Rich Kienzle offers a definitive full bodied portrait of legendary country singer George Jones and the music that remains his legacy Kienzle met. I know where I want to go but I always seem to end up goin the other way I know there s nothin down that way I been down there too many times George JonesI knew George Jones was cool decades before pseudo hipster millenials with pubic hair beards corduroys and beanies didJones was a relic of the rhinestone era who beat the rockers at their own bad boy game He was smashing guitars trashing hotel rooms provoking bar fights waywardly firing pistols missing gigs and abusing substances with the best of em But he was as Tony Bennett later said of Amy Winehouse sinning against his talent He was on a path too many in music had taken to a surely fatal destination He was millions of dollars in debt behind in alimony and child support to several ex wives under summary arrest order if he so much as stepped into Nashville s Davidson County He was being sued or jailed left and right for debts for assault for drug possession DUI whatever He missed concert dates than he honored and the ones he did make were because his coke dealers pushed him onstage not wanting their source of income to dry up When his second wife took his car keys away to prevent him getting booze he hopped onto his riding mower and chugged on down the street at a turtle s pace to the liuor store eight miles away George always found a way to do as he pleased Such stories were funny and legendary in Nashville but George s receding journey into his own echo chamber was no laughing matter Wasted on booze and coke he had begun talking and laughing to himself a comedy show for one on the stage of delirium and nobody else was chuckling at his self directed inside jokes He was getting away from everyoneBut in spite of himself the world kept giving Jones opportunities for redemption second third and many chances that ordinary mortals didn t get This is what happens when you are the greatest living country singerOne of those chances for rebound came in 1980 Songwriters Bobby Braddock and Curly Putman had just penned a piece of utter melodramatic piffle called He Stopped Loving Her Today It was maudlin hokey and about as subtle as a black velvet painting of a little girl with oversized crying eyesThe song might prove that George was still Nashville s most powerful not so secret weapon When He Stopped Loving Her Today made it into his shaky hands the suirrelly artist uite rightly thought it was shit and didn t want to do it But his producer cajoled him and with thoughts perhaps of booze and cocaine awaiting him he got the thing over with and recorded it Thinking nothing of it he swaggered his chemically laden carcass out the door into the humid Nashville airThe song in my opinion was never a great one not a patch on a haunting masterpiece like Long Black Veil another country folk classic of posthumous love and death The classic recording of that was by Lefty Frizzell who as it happened was one of George Jones musical heroes and later one of his drinking buddies Jones style was deeply influenced by Frizzell s particularly the affect of stretching lyrics into multi syllables The success of Jones record owes much to that great record and Frizzell s style When He Stopped Loving Her Today was released in April 1980 it was a bombshell climbing to the number one chart position by July 1980 It was on the charts for 19 weeks and became Jones most famous signature record It and Jones were showered with country music awards that year In a few years country music aficionados would proclaim it the greatest country song of all time But George despite the accolades still didn t think much of the song or it appeared his own life which he had handed over to his demons The next morbid song it would appear would be about himRegardless of what I think of the song itself Jones treatment turns it into sublime art In it we hear why Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett admired him Listen to the passage in the song where Jones builds to the heights on the phrase He stopped loving her then turning slightly downward on the word her descends imperceptibly into an almost whispered almost spoken word enunciation of the word today so final so regretful and so solemn The range of emotion and technical prowess particularly in dynamic range here are phenomenal It s artlessly artful and effortless in a way that eludes today s glitzy smart bomb singersThe record had a deep hold on my family It was one of my late father s favorite records Near the end of his life he fulfilled one of his lifelong dreams of having a genuine retro jukebox in his house He bought it from a bar fixed it up and filled it with records One of the most played songs in his rotation was He Stopped Loving Her Today After he died my mother would occasionally play the jukebox and that song while cleaning in the basement Obviously irony is not missed here given the meaning of the lyrics and the reality of a widow playing a song loved by her deceased husband I hated when they played that song because no matter what I thought of the insipid lyrics it was something of a grueling gut wrenching experience to go through Three minutes that seemed like a half hour stare into the casket at the funeral of your best friend I would always be moved nearly to tears by Jones conviction and relentless slow burn way of singing it I ve always been a Hank Sr and Johnny Cash guy but when George Jones is playing it s easy to agree with the experts that he was the greatest of all male country singersAt the point of his life in the early 80s when Jones scored this triumph one of so many in a rich career he was about to hit bottom before finally achieving arguably his greatest milestone beating the oddsmakers over his surely imminent death outliving all the predictions including the Reaper s own Jones many thought wouldn t make it past 50 His life of hard scrapping and hard drinking and increasingly cocaine binging a lifestyle mirroring that of his short lived hero and early musical companion Hank Williams Sr veered Jones out of control In one year during the late 70s Jones missed 54 concert dates Those charged to keep an eye on him were always given the slip Liuor and blow were his disappear power elixir His booze fueled rages were well known in Music City and he was on course to be another show business legend snuffed young Jones hit peak craziness in 1982 leaving a trail of mayhem across the South that included coke fueled speeding arrests wrecks bad check writing and a savage run in with a reporter on camera No Show Jones a nickname earned from his habit of stiffing paying fans was often better than the Jones who did show up That Jones put on such a bad show often openly insulting his fans that it almost amounted to a declaration of war some fans in retaliation attacked his tour buses and his entourage Some radio stations began to ban his records The man who had had multiple mansions and properties by 1983 was living in a trailer home It all seemed hopeless yet Jones career and life did rebound By 1984 he had begun to smarten up There still would be relapses and brushes with death but the arc was upward He cast off his demons listened to his dedicated fourth wife Nancy Sepulveda survived another car wreck and got right with the Lord He made it all the way to 81 before passing in 2013 long enough to see himself immortalized inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame and honored by the Kennedy Center Awards for life achievementThis book The Grand Tour which takes its title from a George Jones hit is a solid and unpretentious account of Jones rambunctious life from childhood poverty and abuse in swampy east Texas to the heights of fame and the depths of personal weakness It s written fine enough in a style suiting its subject not too bland and not too fancy hitting the facts without lingering too long It s nothing scintillating but evocative enough to make one pine for that lost time mystery train world of old Southern musical nights and the glamorous golden age of the Grand Ole Opry of the 50s and 60s It s also not the most probing biography that could be written on Jones but it s a healthy portion sized serving that gives me just the amount I need without outstaying its welcome unlike a lot of verbose bios these days that try to trace a famous person s roots back to the Magna Carta or some shit Along with stories of George s many ornery and violent episodes and financial profligacy we learn a few surprising things one being the singer s love of interior design an avocation Jones said he d have pursued if he hadn t been a musician When in his element on stage Jones could kill it even when wasted but had an inferiority complex when in venues or with audiences outside his comfort zone places populated by New York sophisticates Sinatra Vegas lounge types or outlaw country hippie crowds who triggered his skittishness Jones was still a product of the rhinestoneleisure suit generation The book is even handed in covering the passionate and volatile six year marriage of Jones and female country superstar Tammy Wynette suggesting that both parties were variously to blame for the dysfunctionAnyone with an abiding curiosity about the American music industry history and the arts and the many other legends Jones worked with or whose careers paralleled his Buddy Holly Elvis Patsy Cline Merle Haggard and will derive something of interest from it Some of the reviewers on here complaining about its structure and organization baffle me I found nothing confusing or offputting about it If you ve read up till now you ve pretty much finished the book review The rest of this is mainly an impressionistic digression about my time in Nashville that may provide some additional entertainment for you if you re in the mood It had to be done in any case just because I wanted to The end dovetails back into George Jones so it s not entirely an outlier I may pull this bit out at some point and re purpose it but for nowGeorge Jones Nashville was a small place isolated from the cultural mainstream despite its dominance of one musical genre I remember visiting it with my parents in the 70s to see the Opryland amusement park and it was a tiny city much smaller than my hometown of Louisville Kentucky and definitely smaller than Tennessee s largest Memphis Decades later all of that has changed Nashville has surged past those other towns in population geographical size skyline economic power and cultural vitality I saw this when I visited the city in 2013 to meet a woman I found that I didn t care so much for the woman but very much cared for the town I absolutely fell madly and hopelessly in love with it I vowed to live there and did so in 2014 and 2015 and my short sojourn was one of the great experiences of my life The teeming honky tonks on Broadway like Tootsies Orchid Lounge are ringed by the Grand Ole Opry s Ryman Auditorium where I paid hushed respects backstage to the ghost of Hank Sr the Schermerhorn symphony hall Municipal auditorum blues clubs in Printer s Alley and the starving musicians grinding out tunes hat in hand on the sidewalks If you couldn t find something good to listen to in these few magical blocks then you were truly shit out of luck I saw the Nashville Symphony perform Bartok and Mozart yards away from clubs like The Tin Roof where I moved my body to the sounds of young hopefuls fiddling and wailing like maniacs I randomly met Brenda Lee the biggest selling American female singer of the 1960s shopping for flowers in a retail store That s how it is there old and new ever present in a town with an institutional memory for those attuned to see it I d bike downtown across the walking bridge off the suburban Greenway and see artists such as Charlie Daniels old and Dustin Lynch new playing the outdoor festivals With caramels from Savannah s Candy Kitchen still in our mouths me and a date sueezed into a honky tonk through a mass of humanity to be greeted by crazy drunken teenage girls who shoved inflatable vinyl dicks into our faces This was a different level of clubbing I stopped at a snack stand along the main drag to buy water in the heat and found the vendor had come from my own neck of the woods she moved there with a guy who was no longer her guy and that s why she was still around selling corn chips Her story was one told a thousand fold or in that town We had an amazing discussion but when I came back another day to try to find her she was gone never to be seen again I walked into places where Hank Sr and George Jones had gotten into bar fights and tossed into the piss and beer swill smelling alleys out back I chatted with soused Slovenian girls after they d worked the Wild Horse Saloon battled a psychotic woman who stole my cell phone long story and who d shoplifted a Dollar General while my back was turned took women on the town with varying degrees of success Luckily once in awhile there was success I took two women out on the town once a Spanish girl and I downed beers like champs while the other girl timdly sipped at hers and we knowingly traded glances over how adorable this was I hit bars and played pool and hoped I wouldn t wreck my elderly Toyota Corrolla coming down the yawning hill of Charlotte Avenue with the dazzling glittery dusky skyline of the city arrayed in full view ahead I bunked a few times when the need arose at the Music City hostel for 18 a night trusting my possessions to total strangers and traversing the town with people I d met there from England Sweden China France and Spain people who told me their life stories and why they came to Music City to see what they believed to be the real America I met people who were seeing the world travelers who made this fabled city a must stop on their itinerary I met a young musician bunking in the same hostel unit with me working on the music for the TV series Nashville He strummed his guitar softly in the dim light of the sitting room next to a blonde mathematician from Sweden while I ate pizza out of a cardboard box from a barebones take out joint owned by Muslim immigrants in a bohemian hood where you could share donuts at 2am at the Krispy Kreme with goth punkers who were stumbling out of the hardcore club next door I saw the most beautiful girl I ever saw fleetingly on the campus at Vanderbilt University while walking to an art museum In a city of pretty faces it was shocking when any one in particular stood out I randomly met and chatted with a songwriter outside the BMI building in Music Row a kindly older black man who d been plugging away at it for years with no great success but no sense of bitterness I lived in a house with an ex cop boarder who d been pals with Jim Varney the actor who played Ernest P Worrell on TV and movies along with a starving artist who d once walked from Florida to Tennessee just to get away from home I talked to a gal in a smoothie bar who wanted to leave town for somewhere less exciting I explored the town with a young Chinese woman attending Vanderbilt who decided to casually mention to me after we d had three dates and I d slept over at her place that she happened to be married her husband still back home in Chonging I stood atop the prominence of the capitol building and took in the sweeping vistas of lands once tramped over by great armies of the Civil War I watched slums and vast tracts I d walked through after getting off the bus for the first time in 2013 turn into neighborhoods of gentrifying trendy bars and glass skyscrapers in the blink of an eye by 2015 Yeah Nashville is one surreal fucking place For someone like me who prefers living in the moment it s perfect Lots and lots of very sweet memories stuffed into a short period of time When I had to leave it I criedI still get down to Nashville for business and pleasure a couple times a year the city has one of the nation s greatest bookstores McKay s too big to peruse in one day Regrettably I still haven t visited the George Jones Museum even though I ve been to Johnny Cash s When I was living there the museum always seemed closed or under construction I d like to get right with the Lord and visit it some time KREG 2019Pardon if this digressed into a love letter to Nashville I ll probably end up doing it again on some other review so you ve been warnedRecommended listening Cold Hard Truth 1999 Asylum Jones last gold album beautifully produced in up to date sound with traditional country backings this blend of gut tugging ballads and rollicking novelties is absolute fire It demonstrates everything that was great about George Jones There s a lifetime of experience in every syllable and phrase and his nearly 70 year old burnished voice is in fine fettle Here s the title track