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  • 10 March 2020
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FREE DOWNLOAD é Evelyn By Lauren Anne Rice REVIEW Evelyn By Lauren Anne Rice Te for a way out for an escape from the life she was living Upon her high school graduation she enlisted in the controversial Women's Army Corps at the height of WWII Once discharged she silently burned the uniform that caused so much controversy She would find love the same year but it did anything but liberate her She was plagued by a genetic mood disorder something that had no name during her timeThe last line of Evelyn's suicide note read Tell my father I have too many of my mother's tendenciesThrough my journey with Evelyn I have learned that things are never as simple as they seem Money beauty a husband none of these things guarantee happiness Everyone’s uest to make meaning of life is different and you never know what one has suffered through Everything in this story is factually accurate and based off true events I cannot reveal the majority of my new information or how I retrieved it because my story has already been plagiarized in the past I can tell you that I have information than I ever believed I would find I have binders filled with stories letters photos articles divorce records financial records addresses interviews and and that I am the only one with all of this information For information about Evelyn please visit laurenannericewordpressco.

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Evelyn By Lauren Anne Rice

FREE DOWNLOAD é Evelyn By Lauren Anne Rice REVIEW Evelyn By Lauren Anne Rice Poems and I’ve had hundreds of people visit my site while on their own uest for Evelyn’s story I’ve had teachers and architects and movie producers contact me about Evelyn So many people see something in her whether it is relatability beauty or tragedy it lingers with them and they want to know This is a true story about a young woman who grew up living The American Dream She was the youngest girl of eight children the baby of the family nicknamed “Ebby” Evelyn was intelligent graceful uiet and stylish She came from a family that had today’s euivalent of millions of dollars during the worst economy the country has ever seen While poverty and despair blanketed the country during the Great Depression her father was rising through the ranks of the Federal Banking system The family moved from California to Washington DC and ended up in an elite suburb of New York From the outside it would have appeared Evelyn and her family had everything they could ever want but inside of the home was a very different storyDisease drama and death seemed to plague the McHale familyIt was Evelyn's dramatic and sometimes traumatic childhood that would shape the rest of her short lived life Similarly to Evelyn's mother and some of her siblings it seems Evelyn was despera.


FREE DOWNLOAD é Evelyn By Lauren Anne Rice REVIEW Evelyn By Lauren Anne Rice At 1040 AM on Thursday May 1st 1947 Evelyn Frances McHale jumped off the 86th floor observatory deck of the Empire State Building She was just twenty three years old and engaged to be married that summer She fell over one thousand feet for about ten seconds before crashing onto the roof of an United Nations Cadillac limousine A crowd converged around the scene of the incident and four minutes after she jumped a young photography student snapped four photos of her The student then sold one of his photos to LIFE Magazine and on May 12 1947 they published her suicide as a full page photo with the caption “At the bottom of the Empire State Building the body of Evelyn McHale reposes calmly in grotesue bier her falling body punched into the top of a car” It would be the first and last photo ever published by Robert C Wiles and its fame would only grow larger each year eventually developing a cult followingThe now iconic photo has continued to haunt so many mesmerized by the peaceful look on her face asking themselves “Why Why did she do it”This is a story that seeks to answer that uestionEvelyn has instilled curiosity into countless people in the nearly seventy years since she jumped She has been the inspiration of countless artistic pieces songs photographs.