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  • 05 July 2018
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Read & Download Ì Miss Whittier Makes a List He perfect match it's only a matter of checking off her list to find an eternal lo. If you love regencieshistorical romance even a fraction as much as I do you re supposed to love Carla Kelly And I very much WANT to love Carla Kelly I ve tried to love Carla Kelly I can even readily see why nearly all of my fellow bookworms DO love Carla Kelly For whatever combination of reasons though I just haven t been able to fully enjoy and connect with her books I can objectively see why they re considered high uality but they just don t happen to click with me Maybe it s the general writing style which is something that will never work for everyone no matter how technically skilled the author Maybe it s that I m at a stage where I look for books that elicit happy smiles than depressed tears and while ultimately hopeful some of Kelly s stuff tends to be a bit maudlin and tearjerker y for my personal taste She also seems to focus uite freuently on people s battles with alcoholism and while a worthy and important subject it s not one that I personally enjoy reading about in my beloved mood lifting fiction for reasons that would bore you and are beyond the scope of this review This book sounded as if it would be less maudlin and of a lighthearted mood boost than the other Carla Kelly books I ve read And for the most part it was Only here s the problem I just didn t care for the H or h I found the H to be a rather flat commonly found gruff and distant until he not so shockingly isn t hero And while I m usually fine with innocent plucky heroines I fully agree with the reviewers who notes that this particular innocent and plucky heroine was uite annoying Of all the CK books I ve read I felt this one did the poorest job of convincing me that the H and h had a genuinely deep connection And as other reviews have alluded to some of their actions in the second half are just eyeroll inducing Honestly it felt like the writer just wasn t sure how to move the plot along organically and at a smooth natural pace So far I m making this sound like a one star book but I m giving it three Well really 25but since Goodreads doesn t allow that I ll generously round up if only to avoid alienating CK s fans even than I have already Parts are well written and there are splashes of insight warmth and depth that made me think Ah right so THIS is why people love Carla KellyOverall though I was disappointed perhaps in part because my expectations of this author are high I m trying one CK book before I sadly resign myself to the fact that this highly acclaimed fan favorite is just not for me

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Read & Download Ì Miss Whittier Makes a List She's making a list and she's checking it twice for the perfect man The number of. This story was a tough one to rate I finished it days ago and I am still thinking about it On the one hand it is a refreshing look at Napoleon s War from a side I haven t read before with two very unusual characters On the other the plot creaks and tilts the last uarter of the book Regardless MISS WHITTIER MAKES A LIST was a wonderfully written book of truly memorable characters You will find it on my keeper shelfI love that Ms Kelly s world does not center on balls and the ton Captain Sir Daniel Spark is a very complex character He has been at sea since the age of ten he knows very little else And Hannah Whittier what a sweetheart She was just 17 at the start of the story and to be fair to the captain he thinks she is older She was a uaker and it literally pours from her personalityThis story was first and foremost an adventure It begins when Hannah was sailing from Boston to Charleston to assist her brother s wife She had a gut feeling that her brother planned on finding her a husband while she was there It was what to be expected With some extra time on her hands she started a list of those things she was looking for in a husband Little does she knowI won t go into all the details of how these two met That is for you to read if you decide to try this story Suffice to say they don t get along at the start Daniel is used to people listening and obeying his commands Yes Hannah is naive but she has gumption It showsMy comfort came from the decency of the characters as well as the story You feel their human dignity Wartime brings out both the best and worse in everyone The captain shows it for Hannah in some very odd and gruff ways view spoilerI want to address some of the negative reviews First off the age spread between Daniel and Hannah I am not a huge fan of this but I understand that it occurred back then often than not AND I know that if Hannah was older the story would not have been the same Hannah s energy and fresh outlook on life was what Daniel needed I believe that was what attracted him to her And remember he thought she was older when they first metAs to those that felt the story was terrific while they were at sea and then took a dive when they hit land I agree BUT Neither was comfortable on land Daniel felt in his own element only at sea Hannah was in a foreign land with unfamiliar customs thrown at her in every direction She depended on Daniel at this point AND she took the concept of marriage very seriously love until death hide spoiler

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Read & Download Ì Miss Whittier Makes a List Lords in London's marriage mart is sorrowfully short so when Miss Whittier meets t. Miss Whittier Makes a List was my Holy Grail of Carla Kelly books despite my best efforts I could never seem to track down a copy So when I got this in a lot of ten Regency novels I couldn t wait to read itAnd ultimately while I was interested by the premise American uaker heroine On a British war ship I love Napoleonic naval stories I was left feeling uneasy at the end I d compare it to my sense of dissatisfaction with some of the Mary Stewart books I read last summer while there technically was a happy ending I couldn t help wondering about how long that would lastI mean just look at the facts by marrying a non uaker Hannah has essentially lost the support of the community she was raised in Also she ll be living in another country right around the time that the War of 1812 starts So I don t see her being able to visit her family who seemed like a fairly loving bunch for some timePlus going off my admittedly incomplete knowledge of Napoleonic naval battles there s a good chance that something bad will happen to Sparks s ship Again What I mean to say is that the chance of any naval officer surviving to the end of that war is very dangerously iffySo I have spent the past week worrying about the possibility of future happiness for a fictional character But on a side note the age difference was the one thing that didn t really bother me about the book I know I m strange like that