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  • 17 October 2020
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The Nonviolence Handbook characters ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Despite the fact that two of the 20th century’s most monumental revolutions achieved their aims through nonviolent action the world continues to view nonviolence as a passive ineffectual tactic In this short and powerful book renowned peace activist Michael Nagler challenges this assertion demonstrating that nonviolence succe. I will admit brethren I have been angry I have been angry about the politics in America in 2018 and I have been angry about the endless gun violence that plagues this country My anger came to a head three days ago when a disturbed young man walked into a high school in Florida and murdered 17 people I was very very angryThe next day at work I am a teacher no one spoke about what happened including me It didn t even come up although I am sure it was on everyone s mind Why Despair There is a not unsupportable belief that nothing will happen to try and solve this plague of insanity in America The routine our country will follow the media politicians people on Facebook and Twitter is as predictable as the next mass shooting event Same same every time Then in speaking with my wife I deflected her every suggestion about what could be done to make this problem better Nothing will change I told her There isn t any kind of national consensus for federal action Those fucking people in the south who voted for Trump who own assault rifles who support the NRA those fucking people you just can t can t help them Fuck them all Want to build a wall Put it in Maryland So we ll call that hopelessness Anger despair and hopelessness The three horsemen of cynicism riding right through my head Because I work in a public school where a great many of the children are living in poverty have suffered trauma live with parents who are abusive and substance addicted and who are generally not great at the whole school thing I can have some really tough days and weeks and months and years I get angry I get hopeless I feel despair and I become cynical Human nature I guessThen I remembered Michael Nagler Mr Nagler was a professor at UCal Berkley for many years where he taught classes about the history and and science of nonviolence I listened to all of his lectures some years ago and read his excellent Is There No Other Way Having taken a good run at a Peace Studies minor in college many years ago I was short by two classes I found much of what he was saying to be helpful I have twice enrolled in his organization s Certificate in Non Violence Studies at the Metta Center in Petaluma California but life has gotten in the way and I can t seem to finish up the course work upSo with all of that said I have been meaning to read this short book and yesterday I did It was helpful Very helpful I often need to be reminded of the better angels of my nature and that there is support available with things get dark Others have walked these paths before There are solutions There is inspiration Gandhi King Dorothy Day Caesar Chavez Desmond Tutu John Dear the Dalai Lamaothers have been through darkness and were still able to keep their eyes fixed on the light Never be against people only against problems Professor Nagler reminds me Liuidate antagonism not the antagonist wrote Gandhi Maintain your opponents dignity Don t depersonalize or humiliate And We shall match your capacity to inflict suffering with our ability to endure suffering said Dr King These are words I need to hear and ideas I need to be reminded of during the dark days of 2018 Some years ago a young woman was murdered by her boyfriend and reporters interviewed her father not long after her body was found and the killer was still at large The man looked at the camera and said This happened because society didn t give someone what they needed At the time I thought you bloodless little worm your 17 year old daughter just got choked to death and you re thinking about the need for therapyBut you know what That man and I know nothing about him than what I ve written understood something that it s taken me decades to accept It really is problems not people Fix problems and people will be better Not perfect but better A lot better Anyhow a tough week with a happy ending at least for me What to do with all of this energy I have how to transform my anger my despair and my hopelessness into ahimsa or satyagraha or something good and usefulthat I m not sure about But I am awake again That s something

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The Nonviolence Handbook characters ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Advice for building constructive movements capable of restructuring the very bedrock of society Nagler also includes stories of successful nonviolent resistance that have been ignored by the mass media The book features a list of resources that offer pathways to immediate action and engagement with the peace movement worldwide. Short informative and interesting

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The Nonviolence Handbook characters ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Eds through aggressively strategic and sustained action It demands greater courage and discipline than violenceDistilling the core theories of nonviolence and drawing deeply from the lives of leaders such as Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr this action oriented handbook offers both guidance for nonviolent resistance and. Michael Nagler s book is a very good short introduction to nonviolence and its manifestations Some nonviolence works emphasize personal empowerment and others emphasize the power of collective protest against injustice Nagler is particularly strong in explaining how personal commitment complements and strengthens collective action In all modesty tongue in cheek here a good companion to this book would be my Nonviolence Origins and Outcomes 3rd ed co authored with the late Dr Ira Zepp In our book we go further into how learning and practicing nonviolence changes people for the better