E–pub Free A Wolf in Hindelheim by Jenny Mayhew

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  • A Wolf in Hindelheim
  • Jenny Mayhew
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  • 15 August 2019
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Jenny Mayhew Ü 5 Summary

review A Wolf in Hindelheim A Wolf in Hindelheim characters Õ 5 Jenny Mayhew Ü 5 Summary Love affair unfoldsThen the rumours begin to spreadOnce suspicion has taken hold is anything beyond belie. A good debut novel atmospheric set during an interesting time and hinting at what 1930s Germany was about to become Less a traditional crime novel than an analysis of a particular time and place Some of the charactersmotivations could have been better developed but on the whole it was something a bit different and I enjoyed it

review A Wolf in Hindelheim

A Wolf in Hindelheim

review A Wolf in Hindelheim A Wolf in Hindelheim characters Õ 5 Jenny Mayhew Ü 5 Summary SingA police constable has been calledA doctor suspects a storekeeperA son wants to prove himself a manA. The social setting and historical foreshadowing were eerie and effective the actual plot and crime not so much Still an interesting read

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review A Wolf in Hindelheim A Wolf in Hindelheim characters Õ 5 Jenny Mayhew Ü 5 Summary A remote German village 1926Something is happening in this place where nothing happensA baby has gone mis. I m stingy on this rating For most of the book I felt at least 4 star connection and enjoyment It was enjoyment in a creepy and mood driven sense too Imbedded in the mindset and narration eyes of Constable Theodore Hildebrandt assisted by his adult son Klaus The first 34ths of the book was 4 star and the twisted complications of two sister in laws especially those and their respective marriages intriguing It s 1926 in Southwest Germany within small village district multi generational neighbor and workmate complexity Secrets upon secrets The last war has left Theodore a wraith with twisted body he is not a well man There are fore warnings in heavy foreboding mood for both practical and superstitious inclinations Over all this hovers continually an immense lack of honesty IMHO Nearly every character has bad memories or increasingly worse future prospects or combinations of both But the characters became real This author can write I loved the book while reading it despite it going slow The mood and locale maintained were excellent We know why the baby void but do we know the whoAnd then the end The last uarter was an aberration As opposed to so many other post WWI European especially English this veteran of war policeman has not the resiliency to buck up There was too much redundancy in the wolf or wolf man aspect within the district And of long displaying outlooks and behaviors associated with cursing others or witchcraft And the German bias toward the Gypsies or the Jewish family the gossip repeated But then again it repeatedly stabbed you with this type of stubborn belief bias that is all too realNo spoilers It s a heavy mood piece and an incredible window into what is coming in the 1930 s that s for sure But I think it needed an ending that popped This one fizzled and moaned It was a deep moan