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FREE READ Ô Crash By J.G. Ballard Ach sinister than the last James Ballard his friend and fellow obsessive tells the story of this twisted visionary as he careens rapidly toward his own demise in an intentionally orchestrated car crash Uh I m pretty sure it s a metaphorJust kiddingI never read reviews of a book I m about to gobble or have just finished lest they unduly influence my perception Last night however I did make the mistake of looking at my friends reviews of this you re all good and accidentally glanced at the opinion of the Goodreadersphere at large Holy moly talk about divisive The few I read indicated that the vox populi of GR place Crash somewhere next to cancer and the Holocaust on the list of world evils To which I have two responses 1 the problem is not the book but the audience it found in you and 2 you ve never really fucked have you The human body and its liuids really aren t that bad and this is coming from a red blooded Catholic American boy unilaterally regarded as the subgroup with the most prominent super aversion to the sexual humours of the flesh Crash is brilliant a hammering cold meditation on death strung around the leitmotif of auto erotica literally cars and sex Ballard s arpeggiated sentences and intense repetition intentionally drive the book s thesis straight into your lobe the allegorical carcommentary destroying your gray matter Lazy critics call this a lack of variety on Ballard s part I call it a calculated numbing agent If I m onto anything it s that Crash uses the symbol of the car less as commentary on technology as every book blurb ever will insist than as a vehicle to analyze the human peculiarity of the death fixation The characters in the book are all deeply damaged people nominally due to car crashes Their insatiable lust for every permutation of sexual congress is then a confirmation not of Life but of non Death Or to uote the great philosopher of the 14th C Peaches they re trying to fuck the pain away The cataloguing of bodily ephemera glans cleft node et al is as dispassionate as the inventory of wait for it a car s countless bobbles and binnacles But don t just stop there that s still surface To see or judge these people as so many do on GR as depraved aberrant perverts is to deny them their humanity They have passed through death in horrid wrecks that have left them void and all they want is to feel something This isn t a fight club it s an Alcoholic s Anonymous meeting with lots of spittle flecked blowjobs and sperm of Moby ian proportionsI could go on but why Who cares what I think I ll say that Crash doesn t have a ding on its flawless chassis an ounce of fat anywhere on its constellationally scarred belly It might not be your thing but it is its own thing Originality used to be uite appreciated you know ORI suspect that many male readers were fine with the lesbianism but decided they HATED this book when homosexual anal sex occurred A bridge too far Why d he have to do that I was kinda turned on till now Seriously guys if you thought that chapter was about The Love That Dare Not Speak Its Name all I can say is well you know those weird tingles you get in the shower at the gym Yeah we might need to talk honey I m going to speak your language two bros can totally fuck and the world doesn t have to end By God you can even allow yourself to enjoy the voyeurism without suspicion Hi five and see you in the locker room all starORI m still pretty sure it s a metaphor

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Ballard In Ballard's hallucinatory novel the car provides the hellish tableau in which Vaughan a TV scientist turned nightmare angel of the highways experiments with erotic atrocities among auto crash victims e WARNING THIS IS A GRAPHIC ADULT REVIEW NO KIDDIES PLEASE I knew that Vaughan could never really die in a car crash but would in some way be re born through those twisted radiator grilles and cascading windshield glass I thought of the scarred white skin over his abdomen the heavy pubic hair that started on the upper slopes of his thighs his tacky navel and unsavoury armpits his crude handling of women and automobiles and his submissive tenderness towards myself Even as I had placed my penis in his rectum Vaughan had known he would try to kill me in a final display of his casual love for me Albert Camus was tragically killed in a car crash in 1960 A crash of particular interest to VaughanI can see how a writer would need to immerse himself into this writing experience He needs to stay close enough to get splattered with semen and blood and drink the erotic cocktail of sex cars and pain J G Ballard certainly added an extra kink to the perversity of this novel when he elected to give the narrator his own name Vaughan a former TV scientist turned nightmare angel of the expressways is obsessively planning a head on collision with the actress Elizabeth Taylor He has a police scanner in his car and every time there is an accident he appears on the scene with his cameras whirring and his penis stirring He is there when Ballard has his own accident A head on crash that kills the driver of the other car putting both Ballard and the wife of the dead man in the hospital for a lengthy recovery Ballard has always had symphorophilia or car crashsexual fetishism but after his crash and meeting Vaughan it becomes than just an obsession but a full time addiction When someone suffers from a depraved obsession they uickly learn to hide those tendencies from everyone around them but when they meet someone with the same affliction it fuels the fire The synergy of mutual interest escalates the need to go further to do to cross all boundaries Vaughan excited some latent homosexual impulse only within the cabin of his car or driving along the highway His attraction lay not so much in a complex of familiar anatomical triggers a curve of exposed breast the soft cushion of a buttock the hair lined arch of a damp perineum but in the stylization of posture achieved between Vaughan and the car The emergence of a new sexuality born from perverse technology Jackson Pollock was tragically killed in a car crash in 1956I wrecked once I was checking the map and looked up just as a deer stepped out into the road in front of me as casually as if he were John Steed going for a walk in a London park lacking only the hat and a fine walking stick I made several tactical errorsI was on a dirt road recently coated with pea size gravel so it was still loose and slick I hit the brakes and swerved to avoid the deer who just watched me fly past him as casually as if this was an everyday occurrence Maybe he did this regularly for entertainment I went into this rather elegant spin slewing sideways up the road I tried a steering correction to keep myself on the road but I still had too much speedAs I m writing this my heartbeat is speeding up My back tire went off into the ditch which unfortunately was not at the most convenient place in the road In fact it was right beside a very steep ravine I tilted off the road Everything slowed down I m one of those guys that has to have his eyes open on a roller coaster I m fine as long as I can see what is coming A tree branch went through the side door window behind my head I can remember thinking close your eyes for just a second because there is going to be glass I rolled completely over once and then twice Debris was rolling around in the car like clothes in a dryer The Jeep Cherokee came to a stop on the driver s side Seatbelts are very difficult to get off when adrenaline is doing a tap dance with your hands I crawled up the seats and opened the passenger door not really a door any but of a hatch I felt like I d just wrecked a dune buggy on the moon The back wheel was still spinning I can remember thinking this could have been worse lots worse The slope was steep enough that I had to angle my ascent sideways to climb it I stood on the road The deer seemed to have had better things to do He was gone Two cars with Kansas tags slowed down to look at me but didn t stop One guy in a truck with Kansas tags sped up when he saw me Finally a little guy in a small Toyota pickup with a camper on the back with Minnesota tags stopped to see if I was alright Thank goodness there was someone from out of state He walked back down the slope with me and between the two of us we tilted the Jeep back up on it s wheels Adrenaline was useful for that task There was not a single panel that did not have a dent and the tree limbs had scraped some red paint off in lurid grooves as if a wild animal had attacked We stood and looked at it for a moment I m going to try and start it I remember sayingHe shook his head but didn t say anything I could tell he didn t think there was even a chance It started on the first turn of the key I drove out of the pasture until I found a gate I then drove it home about a hundred miles keeping an eye locked on the gauges waiting for expecting some kind of trouble As I drove down the road looking like I d just escaped from a demolition derby I did receive some long stares I m sure there were many discussions about that fool driving that junker The Jeep was totalled It was the first vehicle I had ever bought brand new James Dean was tragically killed when he crashed his Porsche Spyder in 1955They reach a point where sex is only good in a car Vaughan has sex with Ballard s wife an experience intense than she expected Ballard has sex with the wife of the man he killed in his accident They find places close to where the accident happened to consummate their mutual need I knew that she was about to enter that period of unthinking promiscuity through which most people pass after a bereavement The collision of our two cars and the death of her husband had become the key to a new sexuality Vaughan gathers an entourage of car crash survivors all of them unable to get past the traumatic event and many of them desiring another crash They worship their scars the calligraphy left behind by the steering wheel dashboard glass and objects of impalement They pick up hookers and have sex with them in the positions of famous car crashes Vaughan s semen ran down her left thigh on to the black vinyl of the seat The ivory globes searched for the steepest gradient to the central sulcus of the seat This is a madness that becomes all consuming Ballard starts to see Vaughan as someone out of control but at the same time he wants to remain a spectator for the final gruesome scene Vaughan is the Mad Hatter incapable of escaping his own self imposed deranged destiny but for it to be truly beautiful his final exit must involve Elizabeth Taylor the most alluring most desirable woman on the planet image error


FREE READ Ô Crash By J.G. Ballard With Elizabeth Taylor A classic work of cutting edge fiction Crash explores the disturbing potentialities of contemporary society's increasing dependence on technology as intermediary in human relations motorwaycleftinstrument panelwoundwindshield glassvulvachromiumfleshbonnetanusgrillsscarsflyovernipplecollisionorgasm Reassemble the above as needed with growing tension increasing pace and obsessive circular repetition A sense of intimacy being separated from humanity an insertion of clinical sterility into the most personal and social a disconnection a speeding carnival of horrors and depravity A voyeuristic sado masochistic de evolution A mind jolted askew and accelerated towards a self destructive culmination of consuming fanaticism The star structure doesn t really apply here I did not really like it but I really appreciate it Reading this put me in mind of William S Burroughs and Chuck Palahniuk as well as perhaps Bret Easton Ellis but while Naked Lunch could likely have been influential and both Fight Club and American Psycho might have been influenced by Crash in one way or another none really hit the same chord Ballard s writing is precise every word seems chosen with purpose with great intention while Burroughs especially tended to messiness and an organic style spilling forth BEE may be the closest in it s combination of shocking material with clinical exactness and I might add that for me both have a numbing effect when they continually assault the reader With this book you get a sense of unraveling and a journey towards chaos but at the same time it is an unavoidable destiny not the helter skelter hellish meandering of the aforementioned Naked Lunch They do all seem to point towards ugliness in culture but the styles of revealing the under side of the rock or the truth in the mirror point to very different mind sets and perspectives Ballard is showing a disconnection and callousness between people with the intertwining of our lives with technology in this way perhaps his book being published in 1973 was prophetic Does not the tragic scene of Princess Diana s own death seem like the natural scene predicted by this book