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  • 07 May 2020
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READ Hillserpent Academy 108 Richard Denney ✓ 8 READ Ave changed at the academy and not for the good Owen's falling for a new guy and a dark force is working its way around the school. This is a story of Owen Davenforth a full blooded witch known as a Fero After an expulsion of eight months Owen returns to Hillserpent Academy to find that the school for witches and warlocks has undergone many changes and they re not all good Starting with a new roommate Owen has a lot to deal with not least of all someone trying to kill him The main protagonist Owen is an interesting and well developed character as are all of the characters introduced There are creatures in this book that hunt witches and they are very creepy The book is well paced and exciting throughout There is also the mystery of the unknown assassin Overall an enjoyable book

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Hillserpent Academy

READ Hillserpent Academy 108 Richard Denney ✓ 8 READ And it's aiming straight for Owen Can he stop who or what it is before it's too late What lies behind these gates You will soon kno. The writing style got on my nerves very abrupt and not to my liking

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READ Hillserpent Academy 108 Richard Denney ✓ 8 READ Owen Davinforth has been expelled from Hillserpent Academy for the last eight months and now he is permitted to return But things h. This is a short fast paced novel It has Harry Potter elements to it in fact the author does not hide this fact It is an American modern HP twist Owen Davinforth is a witch he prefers this over warlock and gets thrown out of Hillserpent and then is allowed back in after a few months Things have changed in those few months The school now allows other paranormals to go to the school vampires and werewolves Strange things start happening to Owen before he starts back at the school and things happen to him his family and friends when he gets there Richard Denney does not bog down his books with a lot of description He prefers in his writing to just tell the story and get done with it already It is a uniue writing style It is uick and fun I enjoyed