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  • Paperback
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  • Acceleration Impulse #2
  • Amelia C. Gormley
  • English
  • 09 June 2020
  • 9781480221666

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Amelia C. Gormley ☆ 0 Free download Summary × PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ Amelia C. Gormley Acceleration Impulse #2 Summary È 0 Who might not always be thereAnd Gavin always being there is far from certain With an ex lover lurking in the background and the uestion of Gavin’s future health still outstanding neither Gavin nor Derrick feel capable of asking for anything than right now But Gavin won’t be kept on the fringes of Derrick’s life Can Derrick let someone in before the opportunity passes him b. THIS ONES HELLA GOOD45I am blown away Where I found the first book in the series goodish this one was excellent I did not want it to end and Gavin and Derrick are INTENSE I am excited for the next book and man am I impatiently waiting In Impulse book 1 contractorhandyman Derrick meets Gavin whom he finds very attractive After spending many years celibate and alone his attraction is both exciting and terrifying Plus Gavin is coming on strong and Derrick was finding it hard to resist to him Then Gavin drops a bomb that blew up their fledgling relationship before it even got startedBoth men are dealing with past hurts and this terrifying reluctance to trust each other Gavin s previous relationship has left him emotionally and uite possibly physically damaged Derrick s fear of being abandoned has him keeping Gavin at arms length giving but never uite giving all He hides things that affect them both and he is wary of the day that Gavin will up and leave him Which is interesting based that Gavin might be seriously ill and Derrick has this past of caring for ailing peopleThe men do this tango of sex and apprehension and man was it beautiful to read I really liked Derrick his fears were sound and I felt like sometimes he was backed into a corner They were moving at a speed that just felt too fast for where their relationship was at It s only been a few months and expectations seemed excessively high and sometimes both were asking for too muchI thought there would have been angst doom and gloom but I found it very sweet and of course sexay as hell This was hot hot and Gavin delivered his superior Dom like a boss I was both impressed and excited in my pants by the amount of awesomeness It s as if the author planed to unleash all the sexy in book two I will wait and then I will kill them with utmost exceptional ass eating scenes ever written I really believe that was the plan DThe writing is superb the care that went into it is in every chapter on every page For a self pub it really can t get any better than this it really can t Acceleration is definitely going on my fave list of 2012 it was a wonderful surprise in awesmazing Also that freaking cover suee EXCELLENTShould You Read It Yes yes and yes Blew me out of the water because I was expecting to like it not love it Worth taking a chance on I am eagerly awaiting the third book in the series Derrick and Gavin have captured my heart and have caused some mega pants losing

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Amelia C. Gormley ☆ 0 Free download Summary × PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ Amelia C. Gormley Acceleration Impulse #2 Summary È 0 Raunchy Gavin offers Derrick all the pleasure he’s denied himself for so longBut learning how to be a lover in bed is one thing Learning to be one out of bed is another For Derrick being alone has become habit Sharing his confidences doesn’t come nearly as readily as sharing his bed After so many losses the last thing Derrick wants is to become dependent upon another person. 45 super hot starsEven better than the first installment since we re finally getting Derrick to open up though it s a very painful and slow process Gavin s dirty dirty mouth starts to give Derrick what he needsa little submission This touch of Ds seems so natural and doesn t include sex clubs or whipschains It s just enough to enhance their growing relationship and trust in each other When Gavin tells Derrick your mine and proceeds to mark and bite himwowGavin is still worried about his medical test results but Derrick doesn t let that deter him This relationship is real and only getting stronger

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Amelia C. Gormley ☆ 0 Free download Summary × PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ Amelia C. Gormley Acceleration Impulse #2 Summary È 0 GAINING MOMENTUMGavin Hayes is everything Derrick could ask for in a lover Gorgeous Passionate Great in bed Derrick finds it very easy to just let himself go to let Gavin guide him and teach him all the things he missed during a decade of celibacy In the course of a single weekend Derrick’s routine is transformed his mornings and evenings filled with sex Sweet seductive wild or. Acceleration is book two in the Impulse series by Amelia C Gormley The novel Acceleration by Amelia C Gormley was supplied for review by the author While it should be obvious to say this is a honest review and I was not influenced by any action of the author Acceleration is the second novel in the Impulse series by Amelia C Gormley in which I have read Basic Plot The romance between Derrick and Gavin continuous to unfold as they deal with their relationship and how their pasts influence their future Thoughts As with the writing of book 1 I found the dialogue exciting and provoking One of my litmus tests of a uality read is if I find memorable uotes I found within Acceleration a strong theme that Gormley continues throughout the series I especially enjoy how Derrick s struggles are examined and evolve just like in real life simply falling in love does not solve all of your problemsI also really enjoyed the BDSM aspect of their sexual relationship It was pleasing to see the evolution much like it would in any couple as they learn to trust each other There were also a few humiliation play scenes that were very hot which is not often seen in many romance books Note that I did not feel it was extreme and it felt like it advanced their relationship and was not just an excuse for kinky sexThis is book two in a three book series and I found that it suffered from the same issues that the Star Wars Trilogy or Lord of the Rings faced In a typical book you have the initial exciting meeting then the conflict internal or external the climax and finally the resolution and conclusion of the storyline But when the centralized theme is carried throughout three books the middle book has less action and the focus is on that internal conflict with no resolution This middle act often focuses on internal turmoil and with no real action it becomes a slow read Perhaps the author tried to make up for this lack of action by increasing the number of sex scenes However I found the amount of sex scenes a little overwhelming and skimmed those toward the endI know that the author had a good reason for breaking up these two books but I rather think I would have preferred combining the two and cutting out about 13 of the sex scenes Playing the devil s advocate here I also read many books in between the two so I would recommend reading the first two books of this series back to back Conclusion Acceleration book two in the Impulse series by Amelia C Gormley is a well written book that explores the emotional journey of two emotionally injured men The book delves into a budding sexual relationship exploring BDSM I look forward to reading the final book in the series Velocity to find the conclusion of this emotionally charged seriesOverall I enjoyed the book although I could not help but like the first book better I suspect that the last book of the series will give us back that excitement that the first book had as the conclusion of the story