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  • 15 April 2020
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My Stories, My Times characters Ä PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook One of the most popular Canadian prime ministers in recent history Jean Chrtien has some stories to tell Recounted with warmth insight and humour these brief and candid essays feature many behind the scenes stories from a long distinguished and colourful career Includes two sixteen page colour photo insertsOctober 2018 marks twenty five years since Jean Chrtien took the helm as prime minister In this collection of short essays he has picked up his pen to reminisce about his long years in the public eye and the many luminaries he met and worked with Readers will learn why his commonsense judgment continues to influence our lives to this day in ways bot. Book and jacket well made

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My Stories, My Times characters Ä PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ct the record as explained in his grandsons history book on the so called Night of the Long Knives There are even glimpses of the young Jean as a teen canvassing with his father and as a young man who dared complain personally to Premier Maurice Duplessis about the food at his seminary Survival in politics reuires stamina creativity and toughness as well as the ability to share a laugh now and again ualities that the self described little guy from Shawinigan never lost In these days of alternative facts and politics by Tweet these stories are a necessary antidote told by a leader who always held fast to his vision of what Canada was and what it could. I thoroughly enjoyed this bookReading it felt like Chretien himself was in my own house telling me these stories in a fireside chat setting It really felt like he was telling ME these stories and to no one else This book is highly personal in that regardAs Joe Clark states in the foreword no one can tell a story better than Jean Chretien Having grown up in the sixties and seventies I always admired his skill in connecting with the average Canadian as opposed to the elites This uality in my view is single handedly the one that made him so successful in public life and particularly as Prime MinisterSomeone once said that an endearing uality about Chretien a fervent believer in the two official languages is that he spoke neither of them very wellAll in all I highly recommend this book and I say this as a lifelong Conservative Chretien warts and all deserves all the credit he gets for his unselfish and generous contribution to the greatest country on earth Canada

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My Stories, My Times characters Ä PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook H profound and subtle from forging long lasting relationships with foreign countries to making it easy to identify our national airline when we travel Of course many familiar names figure in these stories including George W Bush Boris Yeltsin Tony Blair Jacues Chirac Pierre Trudeau and Bill and Hillary Clinton As always he reserves his greatest admiration for his wife of than sixty years Aline his Rock of GibraltarThese stories offer his uniue perspective we are at the Prime Ministers side on 911 when he is asked to give authorization to shoot down a passenger airliner that has not responded to identification reuests We learn how he attempted to corre. Jean Chretien was prime minister of Canada from 1993 to 2003 My Stories My Times consists of brief recollections and anecdotes in no particular chronological order It s interesting to read our former prime minister s take on what were some very conseuential decisions and events that helped shape the Canada of today one of the most successful countries in the worldAccording to the 2018 World Happiness Report the happiest countries in the world are 1 Finland 2 Norway 3 Denmark 4 Iceland 5 Switzerland 6 Netherlands 7 Canada 8 New Zealand 9 Sweden 10 AustraliaAccording to the World Values Survey the countries with the most progressive and postmaterialist values in the world are 1 Sweden 2 Denmark 3 Norway 4 Iceland 5 Australia 6 Netherlands 7 Andorra 8 Finland 9 Canada 10 SwitzerlandAccording to the 2018 Freedom House Ranking the countries with the greatest respect for human rights are 1 TIE Finland Norway and Sweden 2 TIE Canada and Netherlands 3 TIE Australia Luxembourg New Zealand Jacinda Ardern and Uruguay 4 DenmarkAnd according to the 2018 Reputation Institute survey the countries with the best reputation in the world are 1 Sweden 2 Finland 3 Switzerland 4 Norway 5 New Zealand 6 Australia 7 Canada 8 Japan 9 Denmark 10 NetherlandsChretien writes I am not writing my memoirs or a history book In fact I m having fun When I m tired of observing the surrealist vagaries of President Trump and of listening to his nonsense I recover my serenity at the work tableAt the end of August 2002 I spent than an hour and a half with President George W Bush in Detroit discussing the need to declare war on Saddam Hussein s IraBush s main argument revolved around the huge uantity of weapons of mass destruction Saddam possessed some of which he had used against the Kurds in northwestern IraI was of the opinion that the evidence for Hussein s possession of these terrible arms was not very convincing and that in any case the president would have to obtain the approval of the United Nations before proceeding If not Canada and many other countries would not support himA few weeks later at a Commonwealth meeting in South Africa following the afternoon session Tony Blair and I went to the hotel bar for a beer and took the opportunity to have a private talk He tried to persuade me to support him and George W in their determination to go to war with IraWhat surprised me most in this conversation was that rather than focusing his argument on the weapons of mass destruction as George W had done Blair insisted rather on the fact that we absolutely had to get rid of Saddam Hussein because he was a ruthless tyrant and he pushed this idea with multiple examples of the horrors of which Saddam was guiltyI replied that if we planned on getting rid of all those leaders that we thought were unworthy to rule their countries he and I ought first to take a good look at the nations of the Commonwealth and that reasonably we should surely begin by intervening in Zimbabwe and removing Mugabe from power before going into Ira to chase out SaddamHe replied immediately that there was an important difference between Saddam and Mugabe Tony I replied there is indeed a tremendous difference Mugabe has no oil He went white in the face furious with me and for many months our relations were no longer the sameAline and I are practicing Catholics but even I have had problems with my church The Bishop of Calgary declared that I was going to Hell because I did not want to ban abortion and I allowed gay marriage in Canada At any rate in a country as ethnically and culturally diverse as Canada where many religions are practiced I have always felt that it was politically inappropriate to want to impose one s own moral and religious values on the entire populationHillary Clinton likes to laugh but is also very interested in uestioning you on the vital issues of our time Over seventeen years she had been secretary of state in the Obama administration and then a Democratic candidate for president in the 2016 election and had received three million votes than Donald Trump Although she seemed disappointed by her defeat she was not bitter She was now very concerned about the political situation in her country She said she was happy that Canada had a progressive prime minister like Justin Trudeau who was very popular around the world It s very sad to observe the monumental error our neighbours to the south made in November of 2016I fear that Hillary s defeat and the arrival of the fanatical Trump mark the true end of the American Empire You can understand why Aline and I are so happy to have the Clintons as friends and almost as proud to be removed as far as possible from the unspeakable Donald TrumpAlthough enlightened and progressive on most issues Chretien seems to have a blind spot with regard to Russia Shockingly he writes While I was writing this CNN was broadcasting a one hour show called Putin the Most Powerful Man in the World After the disappearance of the Soviet Union and the suffering of the 1990s how proud the Russians must be to make such an extraordinary return to the world stage ReallyThe reality is that in 1991 the Soviet Union dominated by Russia was the 2 economy in the worldToday on the other hand the top 10 economies in the world are 1 United States 2 China 3 Japan 4 Germany 5 France 6 United Kingdom 7 India 8 Brazil 9 Italy 10 Canada Russia is not even in the top 10 and accounts for less than 2% of world GDPHow could the 2 economy in the world fall so far so fast Where did all the money go CNN suggests that although Jeff Bezos is now at the top of Forbes list of billionaires in fact Vladimir Putin is now the richest person on Earth with a fortune estimated at 200 billion cf How Rich is Vladimir Putin CNN March 14 2018When the Soviet Union collapsed the money did not vanish but was rather secreted in accounts and assets of Putin and his cronies Russian oligarchs around the world cf Read The Full Russia Oligarch List released by the US Treasury on CNBC Whereas all the other Northern countries from Scandinavia to Canada enjoy the highest uality of life in the world Russians continue to suffer under PutinAnd how can Chretien speak positively of him when by many accounts Putin was instrumental in the election of unspeakable Donald Trump cf Malcolm Nance s The Plot to Destroy Democracy Seth Hettena s Trump Russia Michael Isikoff and David Corn s Russian Roulette The Inside Story of Putin s War on America and the Election of Donald Trump and Luke Harding s Collusion Fortunately Prime Minister Trudeau has no such illusions about the true nature of Putin and the negative role Russia is now playing around the worldOverall My Stories My Times is a uick and enjoyable read by a likeable prime minister who helped make Canada the great and progressive country it is today