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  • Personal Health Record Keeper and Logbook
  • By Peter Pauper Press
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  • 08 September 2018
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REVIEW ´ Personal Health Record Keeper and Logbook You can have the information you need in a portable record keeper you can take with you on medical visits This helpful book includes space to record yourPersonal profile ie blood type allergiesInsurance and pharmacy informationDoctors' and specialists' informationFamily health historyList of surgeries hospitalizations and emergency room. I have missed several Dr appointments because my phone calender deleted them I also have to see uite a few doctors If my husband isn t there to help me remember everything it is soon forgotten This helps keep track of appointments allergies medical history what you need to discuss with your doctor and what they discuss with you at your appointment There is lots of room for notesvi can carry it with me I tried to find a an app that does the same thing but couldbt

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REVIEW ´ Personal Health Record Keeper and Logbook VisitsVaccination recordsMedicationsVision and dental historyHistory of ailments ie symptoms treatments durationsOffice visits ie test results diagnoses prescribed treatments  medicationsSturdy bookbound hardcoverElastic band attached to back cover keeps your place or keep book closedMeasures 5 34 inches wide x 8 14 inches high128 page. I liked the book and will assist me when using it


REVIEW ´ Personal Health Record Keeper and Logbook Your health Your history Your records right at your fingertipsWith the changing face of health care it's important to stay on top of your own health management and medical history When was my last tetanus shot Was I prescribed this medicine before Did I suffer any side effects from it How long ago was it that I started taking vitaminsNow. I needed something to keep my parents medical information for my own information especially since when my mother was hospitalized earlier in the month I could not tell the ER staff than 2 of her medications and no details about those either I bought two of these books one for each parent and filled them out with them There is a page for insurance information space to record 30 different medications hospitalizationsurgeryER visit record pages to list all doctors and specialists seen assistive device information eye and dental records and then two large sections one called Ailments History that I use when one of them calls me to tell me about a problem they are having 3 per page and one to record physician visits two pages per visit