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  • Sarah Schofield
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  • 14 December 2020
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characters ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ Sarah Schofield Summary ï Solo AUTHOR Sarah Schofield 104 Is deployed Eliana is torn between letting people in or keeping to herself Will she listen to her heart or keep flying sol Hold Me Closer Tiny DancerA very fun read The protagonist Eliana Davis epitomizes the melodramatic teenage years that we have all lived through She worries about what the other students in her new school think of her she spends hours searching for the perfect dress for prom and she obsesses over the cute boy on the baseball team What sets this book apart from other coming of age stories and a main reason that I was so enthralled is the way Sarah Schofield translates Eliana into a relatable role model for young women She balances responsibility with extracurricular activities resists sinking to a bully s level and engages her elderly gramps In many ways she is a new age feminist she doesn t let guys make decisions for her but she isn t afraid to be beautiful and delicate

characters Solo AUTHOR Sarah Schofield

Solo AUTHOR Sarah Schofield

characters ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ Sarah Schofield Summary ï Solo AUTHOR Sarah Schofield 104 Eliana Davis is no stranger to moving from one place to another but moving in the middle of the school year to the small t WOW That is about all I can say to sum this book up Expertly written and very entertaining it had everything from first love to bullying Dancing to baseball and everything in between I felt a connection to the characters of this book that I have not felt in any other book that I have ever read The connection is probably due to the fact that none of the characters were superhuman none of them had the ability to make perfect decisions all the time in a word they were human Something that is lacking in much of the young adult genre lately I loved the themes of friendships home relationships etc mixed with strong moral values that didn t get lost even when things got too hot and heavy For a debut novel this one is one of the best for an untested author I would say that Sarah is going places

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characters ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ Sarah Schofield Summary ï Solo AUTHOR Sarah Schofield 104 Own where her parents grew up is something she never thought would happen Knowing she will only be there the year her dad I really really wanted to like this book I really really did And I guess I kind of did like it because I read until the end If I d have read this book when I was thirteen I d have sighed and given it a 5 star rating but I m a going on eighteen and I now know the craft of writing much betterIt started off promising The situation was intriguing and I could sympathise with Eliana upon her situation It continued to look uite promising but there got to a point where there just weren t enough things happening let me explainThe whole point of novel structure is that a person is put into a situation and spends the majority of the novel overcoming it Well Eliana seemed to achieve her goal uite easily and the issues with Sasha all so uickly becoming uite insignificant To me the novel lacked much