[A Boss In A Million Harleuin Presents No 2095] E–pub Ñ Helen Brooks

  • Paperback
  • 192
  • A Boss In A Million Harleuin Presents No 2095
  • Helen Brooks
  • English
  • 19 September 2020
  • 9780373120956

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A Boss In A Million Harleuin Presents No 2095 Free read ß 104 To his reputationCory tried to concentrate on her work not Max After all she'd started dating another man a man whom Max decided wasn't good enough for her The simplest. Boss in a million Took a million hours to read I generally like Helen Brooks but there was something about the characters in this book that I didn t warm up to The heroine has so many internal monologues and i found her reactions to the attractiveness of her boss cringe worthy The H was the usual playboy type and though he didn t act like too much of a jerk towards the heroine I was disgusted when I found out how cruel he had treated his ex fianc e I kept thinking honey if he had treated someone he had claimed to have loved in this manner he d do the same to you I just couldn t symp

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A Boss In A Million Harleuin Presents No 2095 Free read ß 104 Way to convince Cory of her mistake was holding her captive until she admitted it was Max she really wanted9 to 5Getting down to business in the boardroom and the bedroom. Surprisingly strong for what it is I think it helps that this is old school Harleuin Presents meaning the hero and heroine don t actually do the deed the heroine is able to actually retain that resolution that dating or sleeping with the emotionally stunted I don t believe in love hero would be a bad idea It s told entirely from the heroine s perspective also which I think is useful because a lot of the emotional journey happens on the hero s part and he has to go all the way from emotionally stunted promiscuous man child to acceptable romantic partner and part of this journey involve

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A Boss In A Million Harleuin Presents No 2095 Free read ß 104 From secretary to wifeMax Hunter's last secretary had called him a boss in a million and Cory Masters soon discovered that she was now working for a man who than lived up. He banged his fiancee s big fat skanky cow sister days after he mistakenly believed his fiancee had cheated on him He wouldn t believe the fiancee despite all her protestations He dumped her very publically with maximum humiliation And as mentioned he took up with her sister like the next daySo the fiancee killed herself And the cow sister finally confessed in a short lived fit of remorse that she had been the one to deliberately set up the malicious false cheating rumor against her own innocent sister The lesson he got from that wasDon t shoot first and ask uestions later NoGet your