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  • Paperback
  • 182
  • Bachelorette Blues
  • Robyn Amos
  • English
  • 09 March 2019
  • 9780373811090

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Bachelorette Blues review ñ 4 Ngagement• Organize the perfect ceremony• Stop fantasizing about walking down the aisle with Max WinstonHmm Maybe Shayna Gunther should rethink her list. Sweet and Funny

review Bachelorette BluesBachelorette Blues

Bachelorette Blues review ñ 4 Ore Max Winston's charms2 Date Mr Right• Attend social functions• Dress properly• Avoid Max Winston's gorgeous eyes3 Plan for a wedding• Have long e. Very good

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Bachelorette Blues review ñ 4 HOW TO BEAT THE BACHELORETTE BLUES1 Find Mr Right• Carefully make list of ualities needed• Narrow down choices to three polished professional men• Ign. 3 12 Stars Shayna thought she had her life well under control even down to now having the time to finding her Mr Right She s a professional organizer helping her clients turn their chaos into order She has three eligible bachelor s on her list of possible Mr Rights but for some reason the one man most unsuitable the unpredictable Max keeps coming to mind Max is his own boss as a gaming software programmer and a programs tester he can pretty much ignore rigid schedules He s always felt that Shayna needed to lighten up and learn that a little chaos isn t such a bad thing When Shayna receives a chain letter from her niece she instantly tosses it in the recycle bin only to unleash the wrath of her own clumsiness She hasn t been this accident prone since high school and much to her chagrin she s at her klutziest whenever Max is around I had fun reading this book with some of the scenes reminding me of the klutzy slapstick of the Dick VanDyke Show The chemistry between Shayna and Max sizzles nicely I really enjoyed Ms Amos debut with Harleuin and found her sense of humor delightful I m looking forward to reading of her books