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REVIEW ☆ MUABANBATDONGSAN.CO Ð M.J. Fields M.J. Fields Ð 1 FREE DOWNLOAD FREE DOWNLOAD Ç Love You Anyways Love #5 Llin was murdered in an attempt to save their daughters life She grieved silently She wanted to show her grown children that she was alright and that even after a devastating loss life can go on Secretly it was something she doubtedWhen Lucas who is still very much a part of her life lends his support will she. SPOILER ALERTAnyone who knows me knows Lucas and I have had an up and down relationshipalright mostly down but shockingly the boy surprised me and has somehow wormed his way into my good graces gasps I know guys who would have thought I mean Ashley is just a cold hearted bit then I heard my wife say Your husband is lucky to be dead so he doesn t have to watch you and my husband play grab a for another I mean Lucas he s still a sexually active boy that is never gonna change but he s mainly doing the nasty with Tessa gasps again and this had made me extremely happy I pulled her pants down without a fight For someone saying no do you care to explain the lack of underpants I spread her legs wide and dropped to my knees And there s this teasing side I loved about him as well how long are you gonna make me be your little boy toy baby I m glad that two people that I lovedhated found happiness

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REVIEW ☆ MUABANBATDONGSAN.CO Ð M.J. Fields M.J. Fields Ð 1 FREE DOWNLOAD FREE DOWNLOAD Ç Love You Anyways Love #5 Take it Will the passion they shared so many years re surface Will the sins of his past be forgiven Will she take a chance at the boy who shattered her heart so many years ago Will they be able to ignore the extreme sexual desires they had for one another or will they seek comfort in each others bodies and be. SPOILER ALERT I am so sad that Collin died but I am glad that Tessa and Lucas finally got their happy story Sad that Lucas changed and was still cheated on by Ashley Although hmm karma sucks I hope there are stories on Logan Ava Luke the other kids Love these characters and their families


REVIEW ☆ MUABANBATDONGSAN.CO Ð M.J. Fields M.J. Fields Ð 1 FREE DOWNLOAD FREE DOWNLOAD Ç Love You Anyways Love #5 When Lucas Links finds out his wife has been cheating on him his world is rocked Ashley his wife blames him for her nearly five year affair with Senator Robert Shaw Ashley says she has lived for twenty years knowing her husband is in love with his high school sweetheart Tessa RossTessa Ross Abrahams husband Co. 45 Fantastic StarsI am a true romantic When I think a fictional couple should end up together it s hard to get the reality of it out of my mind if they don t This was my dilemma with MJ Fields Love Series Four books about college sweethearts Tessa and Lucas and no HEA for them So I passed on reading the series When I found out that Love You Anyways was coming out and it looked like maybe possibly my happy ending for Tessa and Lucas might just be happening I did a speed read of the four books in the Love series and a uick read of the Burning Souls series I am planning on going back and doing a much leisurely read they were excellent and I don t want to miss a delicious wordTo catch you up to speed at the end of book 4 True Love Tessa married Collin A man she truly loved not as a revenge marriage or a means to an end to hurt Lucas Real true love with a man that didn t constantly cheat on her or treat her like crap It broke my heart somehow I kept hoping that Lucas would redeem himself at the 11th hour and they would end up together Wrong Tessa and Collin married and had 3 children Harper their daughter is the main character of the Burning Souls series along with rockstar Maddox Hines which is a great series by the way Tessa and Lucas are still secondary characters in that series Lucas married Ashley at the end of True Love a woman he felt he could be happy with even if she wasn t TessaLucas has 2 children with his wife a daughter Ava who is Harper s best friend and a son Logan a senior in high school His wife of 20 years Ashley has been cheating on him for the last 5 years with a douchebag senator Guess who she blames for her infidelity Yep it s Lucas fault because she feels he has always loved Tessa and he is to blame for her feelings of being second best Ashley is the only woman he hasn t cheated on All he wants is to have his son graduate and then he will end his marriage Tessa s life has been totally uprooted Her husband Collin was killed while trying to protect his daughter by a real nut job She is mourning the loss of her 20 year marriage Lucas came to respect her husband and knows she is hurting Could this be their time If Tessa hadn t have left Lucas that last final time I don t think he would have become the man he eventually became He made vows to be faithful and he kept them LYA is told mostly in his POV and what a hoot that is He is arrogant and funny and at times and vulnerable He admits to himself that he has never gotten over Tessa but he would have stayed in his marriage had his wife remained faithful She didn t and he is not going to lose Tessa a second time Just as in life when we mourn a loss it is a gradual process As much as Tessa may have always had feelings for Lucas she loved her husband and is at a loss as to how to go on Slowly she lets Lucas back into her life and eventually into her heart There is a Come to Jesus moment for her that makes her realize how time is precious and maybe this is their chance and she had better not let this one go She is aware than most how life can end in the blink of an eyeI adored this book it made all the other books of this series that much sweeter Sometimes the clouds have to come before you can appreciate the sun I m just going to sit back and enjoy my sunny day