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  • Hardcover
  • 368
  • The Body in the Ice (Hardcastle Chaytor Mysteries, #2)
  • A.J. MacKenzie
  • English
  • 10 May 2018
  • 9781785761225

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characters Æ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ↠ A.J. MacKenzie A.J. MacKenzie ↠ 5 Free download Read The Body in the Ice (Hardcastle Chaytor Mysteries, #2) Christmas Day Kent 1796On the frozen fields of Romney Marsh stands New Hall; silent lifeless deserted In its grounds lies an unexpected Christmas offering a corpse frozen into the ice of a horse pondIt falls to the Reverend Hardcastle justice of the peace in St Mary in the Marsh to investigate But with the victim's identity unknown no murder weapon and no known. Having not read the first in the Hardcastle and Chaytor murder mysteries by A J Mackenzie I was a little worried that I would struggle with continuity of the characters being a historical crime thriller set in the late eighteenth century The Body in the Ice works well as a standalone but like with any series reading the first would help with understanding how some of the characters appear time wise in the story Although not an era I have a lot of interest in politically I did find myself transported to 1796 Romney Marsh Kent and thought the author or authors as A J Mackenzie is a writing duo partnership captured the period just rightI liked the main characters Reverend Marcus Hardcastle who was also the local Justice of the Peace and recently widowed Amelia Chaytor Their camaraderie and understanding of each other was fun to read and brought some humour into at times a very serious story The reverend s sister Calpurnia was a breath of fresh air and her coward of a dog Irish Wolfhound Rodolpho really does come into his own at the endThere has obviously been a considerable amount of research carried out regarding the politics of the time and the people of African origin in Britain in the periods before the twentieth century This has been excellently conveyed into a story which combined with intrigue smugglers and racism has produced an entertaining murder mystery with several twists and turns The political events with America and France unfortunately didn t particularly interest me partly due to my ignorance of them but they were necessary to the plot and were written with great passion from all sides of the parties involved The story of a body being found in the ice was in itself very basic but together with the political aspect it made for an intriguing read and ultimately a satisfying and exciting conclusion I don t think I d visit the first in the series The Body on the Doorstep though I would read the next instalment The Body in the Boat and I d happily recommend this series to readers of historical murder mysteries but maybe to those who know a bit about the late 1700s than I do My thanks to the Goodreads Giveaways for my copy of the book35 stars

Read The Body in the Ice (Hardcastle Chaytor Mysteries, #2)The Body in the Ice (Hardcastle Chaytor Mysteries, #2)

characters Æ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ↠ A.J. MacKenzie A.J. MacKenzie ↠ 5 Free download Read The Body in the Ice (Hardcastle Chaytor Mysteries, #2) Cient loyalties and new vengeance combine to make Hardcastle and Mrs Chaytor's attempts to discover the secret of New Hall all the dangerousThe Body in the Ice with its uniue cast of characters captivating amateur sleuths and a bitter family feud at its heart is a twisting tale that vividly brings to life eighteenth century Kent and draws readers into its pages. How delightful to read about a pair of amateur sleuths in a time when there was not police force as we know it no electricity no computers or cell phones What Amelia Chaytor and the Reverend Hardcastle do have in 1796 is mail And mail was very fast in those days You could write a ltter in the morning send it off and have the answer before lunch Not to mention the fact that they both have a sharp mind and a very good insight in what drives peopleThe story is built around the impending war with France and the great differences in those times between colored and white people not to mention between rich and poor people Both the Reverend and Amelia are different She a widow he a Justice of the Peace they work together in solving the crime regardless of the killer s color or standing This story is easy to read with interesting characters and it gives also a good insight in how life in the 18th century was I hope to read another book with this nice couple again

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characters Æ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ↠ A.J. MacKenzie A.J. MacKenzie ↠ 5 Free download Read The Body in the Ice (Hardcastle Chaytor Mysteries, #2) Motive it seems like an impossible task Working along with his trusted friend Amelia Chaytor and new arrival Captain Edward Austen Hardcastle soon discovers there is to the mystery than there first appeared With the arrival of an American family torn apart by war and desperate to reclaim their ancestral home a French spy returning to the scene of his crimes an. This historical fiction series is full of lively and interesting characters and events during era late 1700 s of mistrust between nations with lingering fears andor preparations for new battles The two main characters of Rector Hardcastle and Widow Chaytor provide steady anchors to the swirling firestorm of complex characters converging on the less than peaceful Romney Marsh Christmas brings a murder and the winter storms are supplemented with the stormy arrival of the Rector s novelist sister and her undisciplined Irish Wolf Hound Add to the mix the addition of a new family moving in to the Great Hall with a uestionable past and deadly intentions French mercenaries attacking peaceful citizens and yetsomehow Hardcastle Chaytor weather the storms