The Department of Sensitive Crimes E–book/E–pub

  • Hardcover
  • 240
  • The Department of Sensitive Crimes
  • Alexander McCall Smith
  • English
  • 23 August 2020
  • 9781524748210

Alexander McCall Smith ¹ 9 Summary

Read The Department of Sensitive Crimes Alexander McCall Smith ¹ 9 Summary Summary É E-book, or Kindle E-pub ¹ Alexander McCall Smith The Department of Sensitive Crimes is Scandinavian Blanc vastly different from Scandinavian Noir There is nothing noir about the world of Ulf Varg Detective Inspector in the Sensitive Crimes Department of the Criminal Investigation Authority for the city of Malmö Sweden Ulf is concerned with odd but not too threatening crimes such as a stab wound to the back of the knee caused by an unknown hand young women who allow their desperation for a boyfriend to get the better of them and peculiar goings on in a spa on Sweden's south coastOf course Ulf is a Swedish detective and Swedish detect. Please note that I am already one of this author s biggest fansAnother new series by Alexander McCall Smith and it starts well He tries something slightly different this time and takes a gentle poke at the crime genre specifically Nordic Noir There is nothing dark in this book at all as Detective Varg and his odd team attempt to solve a series of sensitive crimes Most of the characters are like the author himself and they ramble at length and philosophise on anything at the drop of a hatVarg is a sympathetic and very likeable character but he is not yet in the same league as Isabel Dalhousie Mma Ramotswe or even little Bertie I cannot remember now whether those characters appeared fully formed in their first outing or if they developed as they went along but I will be very happy to see of Ulf Varg and get to know him betterA very enjoyable book as long as you like this kind of thing uirky thoughtful and character driven A detective novel with scarcely an angry word and certainly no nasty stuffThank you Netgalley for the opportunity to read and review this book

Read The Department of Sensitive CrimesThe Department of Sensitive Crimes

Read The Department of Sensitive Crimes Alexander McCall Smith ¹ 9 Summary Summary É E-book, or Kindle E-pub ¹ Alexander McCall Smith So there must be something else going onUlf has a number of colleagues into whose lives we gain insight There is Anna married to an anaesthetist but very fond of Ulf; Erik whose sole interest is fishing; Carl whose father is a famous Lutheran theologian who has written a book on Danish philosopher Kierkegaard; then there is Blomuist from the uniformed branch who goes on and on about his health problems but seems to have extraordinary luck in investigations There is also Ulf's psychotherapist Dr Svensson whose observations on Ulf's life and many other topics enlightensor possibly confus. I firmly believe every avid reader has a list of authors they really really want to readbut never seem to get around to actually picking up a book I know I m guilty of this I could probably list at least 10 writers that intrigue me and really want to read their work but I m drowning in the ocean of my TBR and never seem to get to that list of new to me writersAlexander McCall Smith is on that list For years I have heard about his No 1 Ladies Detective Agency books but have just never gotten around to actually reading the series I even bought the first book It still languishes on my bookshelf waiting for some love And while I have been swimming in my TBR the series has blossomed to 20 books Sigh I feel like the debutante who is always late to the ball Just when I was wondering if I would ever actually read anything by this author a strange bright red cover caught my eye The Department of Sensitive Crimes After I read the blurb I knew I was finally going to finally read Alexander McCall Smith A tongue in cheek humorous book about a Swedish police department that handles unusual and strange cases How could I resist TBR list be damnedthis book jumped line right to the top Peppered with anecdotes about the mental health of dogs fly fishing the psychology of imaginary friends and even the supernatural this book was incredibly fun and enjoyable It was like Harry Hole with much less blood alcohol and death This book is unusual The story is convoluted oftentimes absurdbut INCREDIBLE I listened to the audio book and had the best time I m sure my neighbors wondered why I was digging in my garden and laughing Detective Ulf Varg and his co workers were great company while I was grubbing out nefarious weeds The story winds its way through three casesa stabbing a disappearance and some strange goings on Ulf and his fellow investigators take their job uite seriously and work to unravel the truth in each case For me I saw this as a realistic depiction of law enforcement than the exciting thriller suspense stories Cops do a lot of paperwork phone calls researchit isn t all excitement And most cases are mundane or just interesting rather than exciting Sometimes it is refreshing to read a book that brings a smile This book was a nice bit of brain candy for me Loved it It is well written amusing and enjoyable This is NOT a detective thrillerdon t expect gun play fast paced excitement and a hard investigation This book is about the characters about humanity and the absurdities that happen in life The audio book is narrated by David Rintoul and runs just over 7 hours Rintoul has a nice voice and gave a superb performance I have hearing loss but was easily able to hear and understand the entire book I officially love Alexander McCall Smith And I m going to read The No 1 Ladies Detective Agency ASAP I m sorry I waited so long

Summary É E-book, or Kindle E-pub ¹ Alexander McCall Smith

Read The Department of Sensitive Crimes Alexander McCall Smith ¹ 9 Summary Summary É E-book, or Kindle E-pub ¹ Alexander McCall Smith Ives by convention lead lives beset with problems of one sort or another For a start there is his name Ulf means “wolf” in modern Swedish and Varg derives from the Old Norse word for “wolf” But his character is far from vulpine Ulf is a sympathetic well educated and likeable man with a knowledge of and interest in Scandinavian and modern art He has a dog named Marten the only dog in Sweden capable of lip reading but only in Swedish Martin becomes depressed and needs treatment Dogs in Sweden are apparently particularly prone to Seasonal Affective Disorder SAD But this is summer. A light and gentle read with McCall Smith s signature warmth and homespun philosophy None of the sensitive crimes passed on to the Department are very serious but are thoughtfully handled and resolved by Detective Varg who is a master of understanding human natureI m a big fan of the author s No 1 Ladies Detective Agency and 44 Scotland Street but this one doesn t have uite the same appeal to me being somewhat slower and reflective However McCall Smith s books have a habit of creeping up on you and perhaps given time and some interesting crimes this has the potential to become a favourite too With thanks to Netgalley and Hachette for a digital ARC to read