[Fire in a Canebrake The Last Mass Lynching in America] EBOOK / PDF

  • Paperback
  • 288
  • Fire in a Canebrake The Last Mass Lynching in America
  • Laura Wexler
  • English
  • 04 August 2020
  • 9780684868172

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Summary é Fire in a Canebrake The Last Mass Lynching in America ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB St mass lynching on record More than a half century later the lynchers' identities still remain unknown Drawing from interviews archival sources and uncensored FBI reports acclaimed journalist and author Laura Wexler takes readers deep into the heart of Walton County bringing to life the characters who inhabited that infamous lan. A haphazard decision to but this book from the local Savers turns into one of the best books I ve read this year The author has a way of telling this historical atrocity that continues to haunt you long after you have turned the last page

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Summary é Fire in a Canebrake The Last Mass Lynching in America ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Dscape from sheriffs to white supremacists to the victims themselves including a white man who claims to have been a secret witness to the crime By turns a powerful historical document a murder mystery and a cautionary tale Fire in a Canebrake ignites a powerful contemplation on race humanity history and the epic struggle for tru. I am almost embarrassed that I knew so little of the information presented in this book Built around a shocking event in 1946 in rural Georgia the author uses the last group lynching in the US to explore the way race and culture interacted throughout much of the South for decades after the end of slavery Like many people I thought of lynching primarily in terms of the method or means of killing rather than what is legally a murder but sanctioned or even condoned by the community To this day the identities of the men involved in killing two men and their wives are unknown due to a culture of silence and protection The event itself is pretty straight forward but the author paints a wider picture of politics economics and everyday life for sharecropper families Tying in the larger national politics of the day the author also explores the role of the Federal government and organizations like the NAACP in changing the laws and how they are enforced An excellent educational read and well worth the time to read

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Summary é Fire in a Canebrake The Last Mass Lynching in America ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB July 25 1946 In Walton County Georgia a mob of white men commit one of the most heinous racial crimes in America's history the shotgun murder of four black sharecroppers two men and two women at Moore's Ford Bridge Fire in a Canebrake the term locals used to describe the sound of the fatal gunshots is the story of our nation's la. he term Fire in a Canebrake is a phrase that Walton County Georgia residents used to describe the sounds of the fatal gunshots that commenced the last mass lynching in America it is also the title of Laura Wexler s historical account of the Moore s Ford lynching where four blacks were murdered in late July 1946 The novel painstakingly details the who what when where and why of the horrific crime and is supported by interviews FBI reports and other detailed documentationWexler takes us back to the beginning when a black man Roger Malcolm stabs a white man Barnett Hester for allegedly having an affair with his common law wife Dorothy As Barnett lingers near death Roger sits in jail counting his days left on earth Eleven days later when Barnett recovers Roger is then set free when his bail is posted by Loy Harrison a wealthy landowner and landlord to George Dorsey Dorothy s older brother and his common law wife Mae Murray It is returning home from the jail that Roger Dorothy George and Mae are dragged from Loy s car by an angry mob of white men and are murdered in cold blood Loy claims he did not and could not recognize any of the attackers which was why his life was spared on that fateful dayand so the lying begins and never seems to endFor years the NAACP FBI Georgia Bureau of Investigation GBI and local law enforcement conduct their investigations interrogations and examinations only to arrive at no convictions It is only in 1991 when an eyewitness steps forward to tell his story that there appears to be a slither of hope for justice However hope fades as holes and contradictions run rampant in his testimony as well and unfortunately by the early 1990 s all of the suspected perpetrators and potential corroborating witnesses are deceased It appears that the leads had literally died out and one wonders if justice will ever be servedThe author does an excellent job of peeling back the layers to set the stage for the story and expertly blends in the national and state political agendas that influenced the course of events surrounding the lynching By doing so the reader understands the history of the rural Georgian townships where the story plays out the role of the key witnesses including their family and criminal backgrounds public displays of bigotry and drunkenness She also shares the political tactics of the day used to deny blacks of their Civil Rights and protection under Federal law numerous contradictions in the witness s statementsalibisaffidavits and lack of follow up and missed opportunities by law officials The handling of the case by the investigators from beginning to end is totally unbelievable by today s standards but what is so shocking is the blatant racism hatred and wantonness of the townsfolk toward an atrocity such as thisThis reader ran a myriad of emotions while reading the novel first frustration in that no perpetrators were ever brought to justice and nor was anyone ever held accountable for these heinous crimes a fact that is unfortunately recurrent in so many lynching cases Secondly anger and sadness when reading about the intimidation and threats against local blacks as well as the breakdown and separation of the victim s families in the aftermath of the lynching The murders only exacerbated their wretched existence as poor undereducated sharecroppers The author s skill in conveying their daily living conditions and lifestyle using census statistics and first hand accounts was outstanding and heartbreakingThis book is a page turner Although Oprah Dateline and the Atlanta Journal Constitution have covered this story Wexler adds a twist her words breathe life into the pages and add color to the black and white photos in the book she presents the evidence in such a way to allow readers to draw their own conclusions Hats off to Ms Wexler for her perseverance and dedication to finding truth Well done