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  • Paperback
  • 192
  • His Thirty Day Fiancée
  • Catherine Mann
  • English
  • 04 November 2018
  • 9780373730742

Catherine Mann Ì 1 SUMMARY

Catherine Mann Ì 1 SUMMARY SUMMARY ☆ His Thirty Day Fiancée S no way this royal Medina bachelor would surrender his single status Kate would be his for the next thirty days And if Duarte had his waythirty nights as wel. I won this thanks to a workshop with my local RWA chapter Joann Rock came in to talk about submissions and what we have to look forward to with working with H Catherine Mann just so happens to be her crit partner so she gave this out as a door prize LUCKY MEI probably wouldn t have picked it up otherwise and I m so glad I won it What a great book I haven t read Desire s since they changed their formating to a sexy Presents for all intents and purposes The first page of the book hooked me and I lost 3hrs to Catherine s great characters and mesmerizing alpha Duarte and his feisty KateIt wasn t your run of th

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His Thirty Day Fiancée

Catherine Mann Ì 1 SUMMARY SUMMARY ☆ His Thirty Day Fiancée He'd caught her red handedand Duarte Medina would use this to his advantage No reporter infiltrated the royal family especially not by entering his bedroom wi. I really enjoyed this story The romance between Kate and Duarte was refreshing I also loved how Duarte treated Kate s sister The emotions in this story touched my heart Kate was a reporter She had to have a good job to support her sister Her sister was a disabled adult The long time care facility for Rebecca was costly Duarte s family had been hurt by the press He could not stand reporters He met Kate when Kate was attempting to climb over his balcony He may not like reporters but there was something about Kate that intrigued him Duarte could have called the police or his security team when he found Ka


Catherine Mann Ì 1 SUMMARY SUMMARY ☆ His Thirty Day Fiancée Ndow If Kate Harper wanted her story she'd have to agree to his terms to become his fiancéeIt would be a temporary arrangement to appease his father There wa. Rating 375 starsEnjoyed it