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  • The Steady Running of the Hour
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  • 14 August 2020
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FREE DOWNLOAD ↠ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB è Justin Go READ & DOWNLOAD The Steady Running of the Hour í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Justin Go è 6 READ & DOWNLOAD Em 1924 o Ashley Walsingham morre ao tentar escalar o Evereste deixando a sua fortuna a Imogen com uem teve um romance mas a uem não vê há sete anos A herança nunca chega a ser reclamada Em 2004 Tristan recebe uma carta de uma firma britânica ue levanta a hipótese de ser ele o herdeiro direto da imensa fortuna de Ashley Se Trist. i feel like i may have missed something herethis is not the kind of book i would ordinarily read but i had heard such overwhelmingly good things about it i reuested it from the netgalleyand there are a lot of things i enjoyed about this book but at the same time i can t help feeling like i am missing a chunk of the story i used to be such a good close reader someone who remembered every little detail and didn t need the answers telegraphed and actually enjoyed books like Infinite Jest with their proud lack of resolution leaving plenty of detail up to the reader but with this one i feel like a second reading is in order or one that is less fragmented in terms of how much time i am able to devote to it in one reading session at the same time some of the fault has to lie with the book itself because few people have enough time to read a nearly 500 page book in one gulp and i don t know for sure maybe it is meant to be ambiguous but i can t help feeling that i missed some important connection along the way when i was reading it through my illness or my exhaustion note to self save the detail rich books for when you are in tip top shape and read short stories before bed with your heavy heavy eyesit is still a very good book despite my niggling sense of having sleepily dropped the ball somewhere along the way it has a sort of magical fairy tale element to it tristan is living in california when he receives a letter from a solicitor in london from whom he learns that he may be the beneficiary of a sizable fortune if he can prove that he is the legitimate heir the great grandson of an alpinist and WWI veteran named ashley walsingham and a woman named imogen soames andersson but he is not permitted to tell anyone about the potential fortune and he will himself be responsible for providing the proof in less than two months time the fortune whose details cannot be revealed to him at this time has remained unclaimed for 80 years after walsingham died leaving it all to imogen from whom he was separated at the time and who had apparently gone missing if tristan is unable to prove his claim the money will be distributed amongst various charitable organizations no problem right solve an 80 year old missing persons case with no formal training or assistance tell no one and somehow find a letter a birth announcement a confession from a woman who had vanished without a trace in any one of the many lovely cities of england germany france or iceland but the solicitor is rooting for him and as tristan travels from city to city burning through his savings reporting his meager progress making wrong turns and finding leads that go nowhere he uncovers a ton of fascinating circumstantial evidence but nothing solid along the way he meets many people who are coincidentally able to help him with his mission and most importantly he meets a woman in france named mireille who begs him to give up his uest for answers and stay with herwhile his story is unfolding we are also introduced to imogen and ashley tristan s possible great grandparents a couple who are allowed one brief week of young love together before ashley heads off into the war despite imogen begging him to stay with her so we have two men forced to choose between the possibility of love and happiness and their own sense of duty tristan is a passionate student of history and his search is less about the money although that is of course a factor and about finding the truth and ashley feels it is his responsibility to fight for his country despite his deep new love for imogen the narratives weave together and imogen and ashley s story is terrific i would have loved the book if it had just been their story ashley s experiences in the war are horrifying and very real and imogen s difficult decisions are heartbreaking at one point in their time apart she writes ashley s name in the snow and although that should be completely cheesy it works given the circumstances it is completely lovely and fitting and contributes to the whole theme of the reliance we have upon written documents to understand anything at all about the past and of course how those written documents so rarely tell the whole truth the book does all the things that drive me crazy in literature the conversations left unsaid the lies told out of not generosity but something close and all those things that make it really really hard for tristan to prove his claim but it s okay because despite all the ominous warnings and cautions and all the obstacles somehow tristan is going to keep meeting kind people who will guide him to the next clue which is completely unrealistic but the fairy tale tone of the book was not a problem to me but you gotta be willing to commit to the story that is being told without asking uestions with your common sense mindmy major gripe is with mireille her relationship with tristan which is written as entirely platonic but with possibilities doesn t wash with her asking him to give up his uest and stay with her under the veil of the fairy tale convention implementing rules of archetype it makes perfect sense but most readers are going to see the reuest as ridiculous why would someone give up the possibility of fortune or the answers to their family history for a stranger from whom no real promises have been extracted and this relationship that seems to develop in their time apart was never convincingit s true she gets some of the best lines Mireille says she believes that to be interested in people because they lived long ago or because they suffered greatly is a mistake She tells me that people still suffer greatly now and that in any case one must not admire suffering or loss because life is brief and time spent dwelling on things that have already passed is surely wasted She says that even love can sometimes be a mistake and that perhaps this vanished love of Ashley and Imogen s had been a wasted one She asks if a person could truly love someone they had not seen for so long and for whom they had so little reason to harbor such wild affection Pendant des ann es she says Pas la moindre raisonSometimes it s hard to tell the difference between love and longing Mireille says but they are not at all the same thing and while one is worth very much the other is always wastedand this phrase upon which the entire story seems to hinge because of the circumstances of its later repetition see i can still close read a little The past or the future will never be there with you she says You ll only ever have what you have right now Not any or any lessNi plus ni moinsand i understand that the book is very much about choices and about a willingness to let oneself be worn to the bone to suffer and sacrifice to achieve a personal goal the purity of giving and enduring until everything else has been pared away as ashley muses when he is about to climb everest Accomplishing nothing save some indulgent acrobatics of the ego Climbing a mountain just to say you ve done it Ashley strains to remember how it had been different in the early years when he had loved simply to be among wild places without the need to compete against them Had the war changed this That was too facile for he had always loved to win and yet this obsession with conuest seemed to have come after the war not even conuest but only the prevention of failure anything but a surrender to the superior forces that enveloped himIt is a great mistake Ashley knows But if he does not go on if he loses nerve or his courage falters he will be unable to stand himself He fears that most of all than death evenand that is how tristan feels although his stakes are decidedly lower than what ashley endured during his everest climb and it is a theme i appreciate and i liked so much of this book but mostly ashley and imogen and i loved the hope and hopelessness and the bread crumb trail through history but then i got to the end and i was like wait what seriously which may or may not have been my fault read it and then you tell mecome to my blog

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The Steady Running of the Hour

FREE DOWNLOAD ↠ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB è Justin Go READ & DOWNLOAD The Steady Running of the Hour í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Justin Go è 6 READ & DOWNLOAD Intenso romance dias antes de Ashley ser enviado para a Frente Ocidental e uma ousada expedição ao cume incógnito da montanha mais alta do mundo Seguindo um rasto de pistas pela Europa Tristan é consumido pela história de Ashley e Imogen Mas ao aproximar se da verdade percebe ue talvez ande à procura de algo mais do ue uma fortu. This debut novel leaves me with rather mixed emotions as I close the back cover The premise provides a strong initial hook a young California man receives a call from a London law firm that relays to him that he may be eligible to inherit a vast fortune but only if he can prove that his grandmother s parentage is other than what the legal documents show In alternating chapters the modern search coincides with the love story of a young shipping magnate heir and mountain climber Ashley and his rather unconventional lover Imogen The pair spend one fateful week together before Ashley joins the front lines in France during World War I He dies in 1924 atop Mount Everest leaving his fortune behind in a legally ambiguous will to Imogen or her descendants As Tristan pieces together these lives and their romance he travels across Europe to provide the proof he needs to inherit the fortune He has incredible luck finding vestiges of their lives letters and other memorabilia of their lives With the various locales England Sweden France Germany Iceland the modern and historical changes in setting add to the excitement The book and both plotlines moves along at a fairly fast pace for such a bulky book The research adds authenticity to both timelines and settings But I must admit the romance in both the modern and historical periods never feels as convincing The characters and their motivations seem oddly shrouded in mystery particularly the actions and reactions of the female characters which makes it difficult to truly connect with any of them And while I do like some aspects of the ending this is a bit too open ended for my tastes It just ends so abruptly which is surprising considering the page count getting to this rather flimsy conclusion This does spoil the novel a bit for me and despite its impressive research the ending leaves me dissatisfied

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FREE DOWNLOAD ↠ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB è Justin Go READ & DOWNLOAD The Steady Running of the Hour í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Justin Go è 6 READ & DOWNLOAD An conseguir provar ue é descendente de Imogen a herança será sua Mas tem apenas algumas semanas antes ue o prazo legal para o fazerDos aruivos de Londres aos campos de batalha do Somme e aos fiordes da Islândia passando por Berlim e sul de França Tristan tenta juntar as peças da história por detrás da fortuna por reclamar um. I would like to know if anybody knows the end of this story Perhaps I am not clever enough and missed the conclusion but I in fact missed how the story ends even though I finished the book Needless to say I am very disappointed and sad I spent so much time and money on this and see that I really did not get it There are so many wrong things with this book I do not know even where to start I shall say the overly detailed description of insignificant events moments etc One thinks that these may be critical to understand the story but no that is not the case There are so many needy characters so many flawed seuence of events poor choices lack of flow in the order of things told in this book There is no substance except for the fact that the most critical issue brought on by this book providing evidence to claim the estate by Tristan was never revealed to the reader There is also another big problem we never learn what happened to Imogen nor do we learn what Tristan found in Iceland Okay those three unanswered uestions leave a very bad taste in my mouth I cannot recommend anybody to read this book