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Christy Carlyle Í 4 Summary

Read ð PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Í Christy Carlyle Christy Carlyle Í 4 Summary Read & Download One Tempting Proposal Ü PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook But when Kitty's overbearing father demands she must marry before her beloved younger sister can she proposes a plan to the handsome duke Kitty's schemes always seem to backfire but she knows this one can't go wrong After all she's not the least bit tempted by Sebastian is she. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Well written with a strong story and interesting characters There is love unreuited love and pretend love along with a couple of antagonists Five people within two families become tied together Who ends up marrying who You have to wait until the very end of the book to find out

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Read ð PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Í Christy Carlyle Christy Carlyle Í 4 Summary Read & Download One Tempting Proposal Ü PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Greeable His title may now reuire him to marry but Sebastian can't think of anyone less fit to be his wife even if he can't get her out of his mind After five seasons of snubbing suitors and making small talk Lady Kitty has seen all the ton has to offerand she's not impressed. 3 star romance gets half a star for the heroine I wished authors wrote heroines like this He loved her and she loved him But she feared reaching out and embracing love Loving him would change her and for the better but losing him would break herOk so I loved a lot about this book the characters the romance I loveeeeeeeed the heroine Kat Everyone is flawed but usually HR heroines tend to be pretty perfect besides naivete or inexperience Lady Katherine or Kat is not She s the ueen Bee sort of of her social set she s an Ice Princess she s manipulative and has a cruel streak if she so chooses She s basically a normal girl to me frankly and reading characters like her make me want to wish away all the wide eyed too perfect heroines Kat is VERY guarded Like VERY Her father wanted her to be a boy and basically finds fault with everything she does which has made her steely and cold as a result Everything about her is poised and rehearsed Underneath she s struggling to break free Enter Sebastian Duke of Wrexford He s recently accidentally inherited his title and he s guarded too but he has a big heart and goes along with Kat s scheme to help her younger sister Hattie marry for love Kat puts her sisters Hattie and Violet s needs way before her own She has a big heart too but all she sees are her own flaws Sebastian sees through Kat s poise and chips away at her icy exterior Because they are brought together through a scheme to help Hattie and Seb s friend Ollie get married they are able to let their guards down in their fake engagement and of course they fall in love The romance had all the great elements but I think certain bits of the execution left me wanting The pacing for the eventual declaration of I Love Yous felt a little rushed The book was well paced up to then so I think it was a matter of adding meat to the last section of the book to make the HEA feel earned enough There was also a matter of a subplot with Seb s ex that I hated and served no real purpose It would have been far interesting to continue to explore Seb s insecurities and hang ups about relationships isntead

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Read ð PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Í Christy Carlyle Christy Carlyle Í 4 Summary Read & Download One Tempting Proposal Ü PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Becoming engaged Simple Resisting temptation ImpossibleSebastian Fennick the newest Duke of Wrexford prefers the straightforwardness of mathematics to romantic nonsense When he meets Lady Katherine Adderly at the first ball of the season he finds her as alluring as she is disa. Sebastian saw past the polite grins and inane conversation she d perfected The notion of him seeing beyond her facade frightened and thrilled her He d find fault behind her walls surely Such a decent man would disdain all the pettiness and the imperfection she kept from view but at least he would see her She wanted him to Stark honesty had never seemed possible with any man but Sebastian was a different sort than she d ever expected to meet Before I get into the plot or romance of One Tempting Proposal I have to talk about my favorite part of the book the heroine Kitty Adderly is the perfect example of why I created my ice ueens and prickly princesses shelf She s the type of heroine that would ordinarily rub most people the wrong way At the beginning and even at times throughout the story Kitty did and said a lot of truly unlikable things She gave off the impression that she was coldhearted and unfeeling Kitty was neither of these things Kitty felt deeply than most and masked her true feelings in barbed words and a flippant attitude Why Well the main reason was her domineering father who expected absolute perfection from his eldest daughter and though she strived to live up to his unrealistic expectations nothing she ever did or said was good enough in his eyes Not only that but he also would say the cruelest of things to her for no reason except to try and break her Insulting her intelligence and belittling her worth constantly he bullied Kitty until her only recourse was to hide behind a veneer of cool indifference and engage in subtle rebellions whenever they presented themselvesThe portrayal of Kitty really hit me hard in the feels because even at her worst I could never bring myself to feel anything other than admiration and empathy for her She suffered terribly at the hands of the one person who should most care about her wellbeing and happiness and instead he inflicted upon her nothing but pain It was only after meeting kindhearted Sebastian that Kitty really began to show her true self He showed her that not all men want to dictate possess and mold her into what they deem fit His honest attentions even during their false engagement scheme proved Kitty s undoing She let him in let him see her and in return Sebastian opened up his bruised heart to Kitty By throwing each other off balance they affected each other in ways they didn t believe was possible any and that was just beautiful to see Their intimacy grew over time like one of Kitty s seedlings in her conservatory Bit by bit they broke down each other s walls until they were both laid emotionally bare and vulnerable I loved how two such like minded people were able to recognize a similar in one another and that it ultimately led to them becoming better stronger together Did I mention that they were both science y as well Sebastian was a mathematics nerd and Kitty loved horticulture FLAILSThe romance was a bumpy one as you can well imagine since it involved two such closed off people Both Sebastian and Kitty had their issues whether it be trust or cravings of control they were eventually able to work through it all I actually wasn t 100% sold on this pairing at first I didn t feel the pull You know that feeling you get when a couple makes your breath catch and your heart skip a beat With Sebastian and Kitty it was about the buildup than an instant attraction First it started with something seemingly as simple as Sebastian wiping a smudge of dirt from Kitty s cheek then a public kiss on the wrist followed by another kiss this time on the back of her neck as they viewed the night sky through Sebastian s telescope and in case that wasn t heart melty enough they shared a lips to lips kiss at the Royal Botanical Gardens I could go on and really I had to reread A LOT of these scenes because of how feels inducing they were but as I said with these two it was a slow burn and I was once again reminded of why those types of romances are among my favorites The fact that love crept up on Kitty and Sebastian the same way that my love for them did it made the reading experience all the worthwhileThe book had its fair share of blunders of course I could ve done with context of just HOW Kitty s sister s wedding came to be at the end but at least she got her HEA I did think that the drama surrounding Sebastian s former lover uite unnecessary especially since it was or less resolved just as uickly as it was introduced deeming it a total waste of pages Also Sebastian s reasons for censuring his emotions didn t hold water in my opinion especially when he was so bad at it and in comparison to the emotional abuse Kitty suffered her whole life I mean not to knock a broken heart but a bully for a father is way worse than a youthful folly of lust masuerading as love This in no way deterred my adoration for Sebastian in any way however He had me the moment he braved the waters of the Serpentine to rescue Kitty s horrendous hat and later stood up to her father by saying he d build Kitty her own conservatory after they married Yeah Sebastian was pretty greatI m once again pleased that my first impression of Christy Carlyle which was ironically a botched attempt of reading book 1 of this series proved false because since then I ve had nothing but positive experiences with her writing I really hope the next book isn t the last and that Sebastian s sister Pippa gets own romance She deserves it