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  • Power Play
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  • 07 June 2020
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Nancy Warren Ä 7 review

characters Power Play Nancy Warren Ä 7 review Download ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Ä Nancy Warren E therapist Emily's soon itching to soothe Jonah Bett's gorgeous muscles both on and off the iceJonah can't believe his luck a sexy single woman sharing his cozy room albeit temporarily Okay her orange bridsemaid dre. 4 stars Fun enjoyable romance I was chuckling several times Characters and plot worked well Nothing annoyed meSTORY BRIEFEmily is a health center massage therapist who is in town for her cousin s wedding Her relatives take advantage of her by asking her to run errands do wedding chores etc She s staying in a hotel to avoid the additional stress of staying with family members Jonah is a detective who plays in an ice hockey league for guys over 30 He s in town for several days for a hockey tournament The hotel is overbooked and puts them in the same room a room they don t rent out due to a leaky roof and buckets catching water when it rains Neither wants to leave the hotel which means they have to share the room Jonah promises he won t make a pass at her so they agree to share Meanwhile Emily s relatives are playing matchmaker for Emily with her repulsive orthodontist third cousin Buddy When Leanne the bride calls the room Jonah answers the phone Leanne wants to know who the male voice is so Emily lies saying he s her boyfriend As events unfold he plays along with itREVIEWER S OPINIONThe main story was what I expect from a good romance novel The only downside might be its short length 206 pages Most novels are over 300 pagesThere is a second story that was neat as well Kirsten was bright with great possibilities in marketing and public relations but she gave up on herself She now works as a waitress and dates a loser She meets Sadhu one of Jonah s fellow hockey players with some interesting results different from what I expectedDATAStory length 206 pages Swearing language moderate Sexual language mild Number of sex scenes 2 Total number of sex scene pages around 11 Setting current day Elk Crossing Idaho Copyright 2009 Genre contemporary romance

characters Power PlayPower Play

characters Power Play Nancy Warren Ä 7 review Download ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Ä Nancy Warren Ss is a disaster and her family is convinced he's actually her boyfriend He's ready to go along with it even as he makes his playUntil Emily is suddenly calling for a TIME OUT Will Jonah's fantasies be permanently ic. I m finding that the I like a book the uicker I gobble it up Seems like an obvious causeeffect but it really hit home when I finished Power Play in THREE HOURS The only things that stood out than the steamy bedroom scenes were the unexpected and hilarious laugh til you cry scenesIt s been a while since I ve literally laughed out loud when reading a book and there were multiple moments where I not only smiled and giggled but I bellowed out full on laughs during this book Good girl Emily returns to her hometown as a bridesmaid in her cousin s wedding Since she s single she always been labeled the reliable one and constantly bends over backward for her family s reuests Dependable as she may be Emily refuses to bunk at home and books a hotel room far away from her family for the week As luck would have it the hotel experiences a bedbug infestation the first night during her stay and she is booted from her room Jonah is staying across the hall from Emily when the infestation occurs and the evacuation definitely throws a wrench into his week long hockey tournament Because of a hotel mix up and because they re both stubborn Jonah and Emily become roommates for the week There is one up side to Emily s new roommate however an excuse to get her family off her back as she pretends Jonah is her boyfriend The sheets sizzle between these two and their banter is absolutely hilarious Emily is uick witted and multifaceted enjoying a cold beer as much as painting her nails while Jonah is as big in a sexy hover over you kind of way and lovable as a teddy bear The author also adds a secondary romance to the mix which at first seems confusing but soon becomes a charming touch that adds another dimension to the story Rounding things out is a climax with an unexpected clinch and in the end I was left with a chuckling grin on my face

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characters Power Play Nancy Warren Ä 7 review Download ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Ä Nancy Warren Keep her hands to herselfNot easy for Emily Saunders who's in Elk Crossing Idaho for a family wedding She's double booked in the same hotel room with a sexy cop attending of all things a hockey tournament As a massag. Power Play4 StarsOne would think that the small town of Elk Crossing Idaho wouldn t have a problem with overbooked hotels but Emily Saunders soon learns that a hockey tournament is in play and there are no rooms to be had other than the one she must share with sexy Jonah Betts a full time cop and a part time hockey player Soon Emily and Jonah realize that they want to share than a room but interfering relatives and smarmy cousins may just ruin a perfect romance Emily and Jonah are fantastic characters real and down to earth They have excellent chemistry and manage to avoid any overblown angst and drama by knowing what they want and not being afraid to admit it to themselves and to each other The minor suspense plot is well executed but doesn t add very much to the romance The only minor issue with the story is the unnecessary inclusion of a secondary romance which isn t all that inspired Overall a short and entertaining read and I will definitely be reading by this author