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  • The Cheating Culture Why More Americans Are Doing Wrong to Get Ahead
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CHARACTERS The Cheating Culture Why More Americans Are Doing Wrong to Get Ahead í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB READ ☆ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ç David Callahan David Callahan Ç 6 CHARACTERS L to American democracy itself Through revealing interviews and extensive data he takes us on a gripping tour of cheating in America and offers a powerful argument for why it matters Lucidly written scrupulously argued The Cheating Culture is an important original examination of the hidden costs of the boom years ?. 14 January 2004 THE CHEATING CULTURE WHY MORE AMERICANS ARE DOING WRONG TO GET AHEAD by David Callahan Harcourt January 2004 ISBN 0 15 101018 8 Five years ago I was in Chicago to attend Book Expo Early on that Sunday morning in May I was riding the Metra heading south to McCormack Place A guy who looked like he was still grasping the last threads of Saturday night had his boom box cranked up sharing a soulful tune with everyone in our train car As I prepared to leave the train I asked him for the name of what it was that he d been playing He scribbled it down in my notebook King Britt presents Sylk130 Getting Into It A couple of years later I stumbled across that notebook with the scribble and within ten minutes had successfully downloaded the song over the Internet for free It s still there in my computer along with all sorts of great tunes all downloaded for free ranging from ancient singles that I was introduced to as a kid by Cousin Brucie and Alison Steele The Nightbird up through an assortment of killer tunes from the past twenty plus years of MTV that I can close my eyes and see the videos for The highly publicized prosecutions of file swapping pirates persuaded me to belatedly dispose of the software I d used to accumulate that ill gotten music But the uestion is why did I feel so comfortable and righteous taking it all for free Lately conservatives haven t had much to complain about Many aspects of Americans personal behavior have changed in recent years Crime is down Teenage pregnancy is down Drunk driving is down Abortion is down Opinion surveys suggest that Americans are growing concerned about personal responsibility as conservatives have narrowly defined that term And much of the supposed deviance that conservatives have anguished about for a uarter century has been waningStill cheating is up Cheating is everywhere By cheating I mean breaking the rules to get ahead academically professionally or financially Some of this cheating involves violating the law some does not Either way most of it is by people who on the whole view themselves as upstanding members of society Again and again Americans who wouldn t so much as shoplift a pack of chewing gum are committing felonies at tax time betraying the trust of their patients misleading investors ripping off their insurance company lying to their clients and much Something strange is going on here Americans seem to be using two moral compasses One directs our behavior when it comes to things like sex family drugs and traditional forms of crime A second provides us ethical guidance in the realm of career money and successThe obvious uestion is Where did we pick up that second compass So asks David Callahan in this fascinating look at where we are headed in America Led by doped up sports icons doctors with bogus prescriptions auto repair guys who find to fix then is really wrong corrupt stockbrokers and ready to buy politicians the leaders of the parade are the corporate executives Of course the amoral behavior by corporate executives is dictated by stockholders who of course are us and our parents and friends and our retirement portfolio managers So where are we all going Money get backI m all right Jack keep your hands off of my stackMoney it s a hitDon t give me that do goody good bullshitI m in the high fidelity first class traveling setAnd I think I need a Lear jet Pink Floyd Money Cheating is not a new problem in the United States or anywhere else It has existed in nearly every human societyIn Ancient Greece the Olympic games were rife with cheating Athletes lied about their amateur status competitions were rigged judges were bribed Those caught were forced to pay fines to a special fund used to set up statues of Zeus Greece ended up with a lot of statues of Zeus There are a set of interrelated influences that the author believes are the cause of the current cheating epidemic in America the increased pressures of job competition and insecurity the widening rewards gap between the winners and losers in our economic system the relentless trend toward deregulation that enhances temptation and the belief by so many people that the system is so utterly corrupt that they have no fair shot at attaining the American Dream in an ethical manner Hey honey you ve got lots of cashBring us round a bottleAnd we ll have some laughsGin s what I m drinkingI was raised on robbery Joni Mitchell Raised on Robbery THE CHEATING CULTURE is an eye opening introduction to the real world It will enlighten high school students as to how their peers are adroitly eluding obstacles that might interfere with becoming rich famous powerful and going to Disneyland The only worry is deciding which is effective buying term papers online or paying tutors to write them for you purchasing the proper mobile electronics to be able to secretly bring your answers into the classroom or having your parents line up a doctor who can sell you the learning disability diagnosis that will permit you time to complete standardized tests The choice between being a winner or a loser in an economy filled with ineuities seems stark and frightening to many college students Says one student Grades are the most important things which judge whether you go to medical school or to work as a janitor It is not surprising that Callahan finds these same students go on to cheat in college grad school and for those who thus successfully navigate their way to and through the sidewalks of the Ivy League in a business world where untold riches can be scooped up at the expense of a gullible public that is unprotected by a deregulated corporate lobbied government And if you somehow get caught and have to pay back fifty grand and kick back for six months in a Santa Barbara country club prison you still get to keep the millions or billions you ve salted away and certainly don t ever have to worry about becoming some lowlife cheater who is so pathetic as to have to download music from the InternetRichie Partington MLISRichie s Picks

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CHARACTERS The Cheating Culture Why More Americans Are Doing Wrong to Get Ahead í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB READ ☆ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ç David Callahan David Callahan Ç 6 CHARACTERS Fraud has risen dramatically in the last two decades Why all the cheating Why now Callahan pins the blame on the dog eat dog economic climate of the past two decades An unfettered market and unprecedented economic ineuality have corroded our values he argues and ultimately threaten the level playing field so centra. It is so tempting to turn anecdotes into trend lines Large publicized scandals often prompt journalists and others to start looking to broader trends in society hoping to understand those events or provide deeper context We want to see what comes next what we should expect to see in the future so we can better prepare That is our evolutionary proclivity But it is erroneous and even dangerous to draw conclusions or try to persuade others based on a few examples or the latest media craze Data looks different than a few random examples drawn together by selection bias It is often messy with conflicting signals The world is complex with no clear cut villain and no one easy step that will solve all our problems We should be uite dubious of those who attempt to move us down this path with emotion and a false sense of urgency drawn from cherry picked evidenceCallahan errs on all counts Neither an anthropologist nor a researcher in any capacity he is utterly unualified to write a book about a culture of cheating He never stops to actually evaluate what a culture is He even admits at the very beginning of the book that he has little data and his arguments are drawn from his personal observations I suppose people can write books drawn from their own observations but it is the height of hubris to suggest that the conclusions drawn from our personal observations must necessarily apply to all You would think too that if the book s subtitle claims that Americans are doing wrong to get ahead there would be some basis to that claim Surveys data pointing towards an increase in crime fraud or some other metric would be the barest of minimum standards to make such an argument Yet this book is almost entirely devoid of any substantive evidence save perhaps a random poll or data point drawn out of context to make some pointRead at

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CHARACTERS The Cheating Culture Why More Americans Are Doing Wrong to Get Ahead í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB READ ☆ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ç David Callahan David Callahan Ç 6 CHARACTERS You're standing at an ATM It can't access account information but allows unlimited withdrawals Do you take than your balance David Callahan thinks most of us would While there have always been those who cut corners he shows that cheating on every level from the highly publicized corporate scandals to Little League. One of the core assumptions of capitalism is that human beings are basically selfishly motivated This ignores the altruistic and cooperative aspects of human nature and emphasizes the competitive As American culture has been taken over by an increasingly fundamentalist brand of capitalism two things have happened the rewards for winning have gotten bigger and the punishments for being caught cheating have receded This has created a perfect atmosphere for what David Callahan calls The Cheating Culture In this book the author makes a convincing case that cheating in the US has gotten out of control In ways large and small the incentives to cheat in order to get ahead have gotten bigger and bigger It starts in school or even before school as parents compete hard even to get some children into top preschools and continues into our professional lives As outsized rewards grow for reaching the top playing it straight can make a person feel like a fool especially when cheaters never seem to get caught or punishedThe author does a passable job making the connection between the incentive to cheat and the fundamental nature of capitalism but I felt he could have gone even further His arguments were strong and his examples were solid but the ending of the book made me feel a little let down By focusing on small granular changes that could fix cheating problems on almost a case by case basis the author missed the opportunity to challenge the broader nature of capitalism that is driving this trend