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Read & Download Wicked Temptation ê PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free A nun in high school Upon graduation she wasted no time rewriting her destiny Two marriages one real life alpha hero and four beautiful babies later she decided it wise to exchange her rhinestone thong for soccer mom sweats These days her walk on the wild side lives mostly in her imaginationEXCERPTGods Sage was so beautiful to him Trey’s thumb brushed the curve of her lower lip His lips brushed the arc of her brow Settling his chin on her head he held her close inhaled her fragrance His hand smoothed a trail to the small of her back until it rested on the swell of her ass He pulled her hard against him Her hands threaded through his hair needy When he raised his head again the raw emotion on her face clutched his heart He’d never been loved before Had never been in love But he was now And at least for this moment he knew she loved him too It was than he ever dared pray forHer fingers sang with magic as they settled on his chest rode the ridges of his belly to the waistband of his jeans His fading powers trembled in response She tugged on his pants until they crumpled on the planks beneath their feet Her pelvis tipp.

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Read & Download Wicked Temptation ê PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ed so her mons rode his thigh Her curls were buttered silk The coverlet she wore fell to the porch His gaze followed Her body was tight her breasts pert swells He hoped she didn’t see his hands shaking as he cupped each one She loosed a shuddering sigh Her head fell back as taut nipples kissed his palms A groan snared in his throat as he bent to nip the arch of her neck Her fluids trickled down his thigh When he raised his head her gaze followed Her hair ruffled flames in the breeze Her eyes had gone bronze with desire as if she suspected what he was about to ask her to help him do “Help me heal him”“How” Her voice was a breathless pant Her chest heaved beneath his palms His heart pounded so hard he thought it might leap from his chest He angled his head over hers Her lips parted on a sigh“Make some magic with me” To insure she knew what he meant he painted her mind with the image of what he wanted her the three of them to do Her breath caught but she did not flinch Her lids lowered Auburn lashes kissed her cheekbones with flame “Kiss me Trey”A whimper caught in her throat as his mouth dropped over her.

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Read & Download Wicked Temptation ê PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Wicked TempationBeyond the bounds of pleasure a single chance for redemptionTrey a demigod is sworn to guard the fates of human couples on whose relationships hinge the course of history Over the eons his affection for mortals has left him yearning for the one thing he can never have a heart mate to call his own When a ruthless goddess resorts to an aphrodisiac to force him to break his vow of chastity his heart is instead claimed by the mortal woman who is destined to help her human lover save the world Can a ménage possibly help him undo the damage he’s doneTO MY READERWhat happens when a group of erotic romance authors decide to develop scorching hot series that provides the drama and high emotion our readers depend on Red Sage’s ultra hot new ménage series Three Kinds of Wicked that’s what My story Wicked Temptation is the kick off to the Three Kinds of Wicked series I hope you’ll choose to follow our sexy demigod’s emotional journey through the ensuing stories as he weaves through time in search of his own happily ever afterABOUT THE AUTHOR Liane Gentry Skye was considered the girl most likely to become.